Working from Home…

I am doing bookkeeping using Quickbooks online from home for a company.

This rocks, this is what I was looking for, part-time work to keep my mind from going to mush, but I am able to work my own hours and in my pj’s if I want.

It isn’t a lot of money, but Zero vs Small, I will take small :)  This money will pay for my dogs meds, so I don’t have to get  a Job with a company…it will pay for small repairs around the house…so I don’t have to get an outside job, ect, ect….it is the small victories that can really pay of big.

I really believe stress is on of the biggest medical issues we have, I was at the doctors almost every month, I have maybe gone 4 times in the 3 years I have been off, if you don’t count when I broke my ankle :)  Before, I basically had my own room….;)

We actually have rec’d a refund every year I haven’t been working from both State and Fed…something that NEVER happened before.


ohhhh….the torture of being Veggie NOT

I really am surprised, I am still going strong.  Here is my “poor” breakfast…again, Vegetarian not Vegan:

open fridge, Jicama, Tomato, Egg, hmmm, open Freezer faux “sausage” links.

I cut up the Jicama and added it to the skillet with oil, salt and pepper (shocking I know ;) and let it cook, I also cooked up the faux”sausage” (Morningstar) while most of their offering are good, the only way to really enjoy this as “sausage” is the cut it up and fry it good, otherwise it just isn’t quite there.  While the Jicama and “meat is cooking” I start 1 egg, and then I cut up and add the tomato.  So I have a veggie scramble with my egg and it is pretty tasty.



this trying new veggies and fruit, and trying new ways to cook them is pretty fun.  And it is so much cheaper….amazing how many fruits and veggies you can get for little $$.


veggie kitchen mashups – a little more thinking

required ;)


So I had some pasta that was low carb made with wheat flour and soy, plus spinach (that is why it is green) in the freezer.  I had bought some faux “meat” balls, I had mushrooms that needed to be used up and some tomato sauce in the pantry…you can see where this is going right?

Pasta and “meat”balls.  The “meat”balls (Amy’s organic-no I don’t get paid, I wish ;)…are pretty good, I add cooked them up, then added the tomato sauce and mushrooms, this way they absorbed some of the sauce.

I spooned them over my pasta and boomchaklaka…nice lunch, not much time..and mmm, mmm, goood!


IMG_6462not sure how to make sphegti (so spell it) so I made shapes instead…still tastes good.





Being vegetarian means being adventurous

at least it does for me.  When I was eating everything, I bought my favorites and when hungry just open the fridge and grab something, more habit then anything.

Now that I am watching what I eat, I am trying new fruits and veggies (got a Jicama on my counter right now), I am looking up recipes on line and reading others blogs to get ideas.  I make my own stuff, falls in with my “au naturale” no artificial crap!

I do find it hard, since I don’t eat onions or peppers, lots of pre-made salads at wholefoods and Veggie Grill have them in already :(

I do find it easier eating out, because more and more places have tofu as an option and I actually like tofu :)

I am actually not just eating healthier I am eating better.  I think more about what I want, and enjoy it a lot more.  No “missing out” or “just getting by” here.

Dinner – Salad (mixed greens, strawberries, goat cheese, beets, carrots, balsamic), Acorn Squash (garlic & Butter), a breaded Faux Chicken patty with…..HOMEMADE vegan Mushroom gravy, yea this right, made it myself and it was YUMMY, strawberries and pineapple for desert.

IMG_6408 IMG_6409

Boohyah baby, BoOhYaH!

My cat is an Arse….and a freak

So first my cat was anti-social and never came around, now she wants to be in my lap all the time, which is fine, except when I move she gives me the stink eye….she is in my lap…excuse me if I need to move…plus she rolls up like a weirdo, how she does it with out breaking her neck is beyond me.

IMG_6407 IMG_6415

Green thumb without trying

I love my planter box, I have tried tons of other stuff, and it just doesn’t work, my black thumb is all encompassing, EXCEPT for my planter box.  I think I am going to get another one :)

I am growing tomato, from the seeds of a tomato, nothing bought :)  Some lettuce, not sure where that one came from…and I am not sure what the other thing is, I just keep putting seeds from the fruit and veggies I eat in them, and see what happens……it is great..

IMG_6411 IMG_6412 IMG_6413


I have to pay them for Insurance for Theft by their employees?

I sent a bracelet I made to a Customer, luckily I get $$ insurance at no charge when I send USPS Priority Mail….I get a message from him, with pictures that shows the envelope was sliced open on the back side and the item removed, then they put tape over it that says “rec’d in damaged condition” OH NO IT WASN’T!!


I packaged, taped it and took it to the post office in PERFECT condition, so unless they let the public in someone at the POSTOFFICE stole the bracelet.

So Now I have to go down to the postoffice to process an insurance claim because someone THERE stole the item.  What kind of scam is this!!!  Oh and I need to send a replacement bracelet.

Well, I have gone and done it know…

I am trying to go truly vegetarian, not vegan, I think vegetarian is for my health, vegan is a more moral choice with the side benefits of my health, but I don’t have a problem eating eggs, when they are cage free and fed a vegetarian diet, I don’t have a problem with cheese and dairy products from cows that live in a pasture, and are grass fed.  That is me personally, everyone else needs to make their own choice.  I think going either helps to reduce the pressure on the earth.

So it has been a week, and my husband is amazed and my sons says I am cheating, that being Vegetarian is a lazy vegan, (remember this is my son the smartarse, so don’t go getting all your panties in an uproar!).

I have found it pretty easy, since I really was part-time vegetarian already, and amazingly I haven’t been hungry and my snacking has gone down!

We still go out to eat, and I have only been to one restaurant, that while it offered salads, the other vegetarian options weren’t really healthy. I ended up eating pasta with cream sauce, potato and bread, very heavy, won’t be doing that again.

Other then that there is plenty of options out there in the fast food and restaurant world, they only do it if it makes monetary sense, so the more people that want it, the more choices we will have.