It is finally summer… at least

for a while now it has been grey and overcast, with sprinkles in the AM.  While this is good for plants and fires, not so much for us.

It is finally getting sunny in the AM, hopefully June Gloom is gone, and summer here to stay.  As long as it doesn’t get to hot I will be happy.

Darn it, spoke to soon, after this post got all gloomy gus again ;(

I am a sunny and 70-75 degree girl, anything up or down, is not my happy place 😉

I lost my weight, wanna get a new bathing suit, after mumble years.


KMU – chicken pot pie(s) …….

so we had a bbq over the weekend, ended up with left over chicken carcass (eewwwhhh), but it is great for chicken broth.

So I bought some netting type bags for veggies for my mom, I kept a few, I have found out that these are great to put the chicken and anything else for the broth in, then set in the pot, lets out the juices, keeps in the bones, seeds, peels, ect. (upcycling 🙂

So while the broth was going (to which I had added veggies that weren’t gonna last much longer, carrots (purple and white), clove of garlic, orange pepper ect., I pulled out some of my mom’s prepper food , the peas and mashed potatoes.

After broth was done, pulled about a cup of meat off the bones, then I added good veggies, carrots, small potatoes, some of those dyhd peas, and the mashed potatoes and let them simmer.  Used the potatoes instead of flour to thicken the soup and give it some flavor.

I then pulled out my refriged dough, I could make some, but….I be lazy today,  plus the points are the same.  I poured the mix of chicken pot pie in to small containers, then cut the dough to fit over the mix and baked.  Yummers.  Plus the containers have lids so I can freeze the others to eat later, about 6 pts each but worth it!


KMU – Prep style

I had mentioned on a prior post about dried beans and chicken broth.  I thought I would expand on that a bit.

I bought 3 kinds of beans, 1lb of beans $.99 to $1.27 vs a can of beans for same or higher price.

I had made some chicken broth from the left over chicken from dinner – $0 vs $2.00 and higher for store broth.

I soaked the beans overnight in the broth.  I then cooked the beans in new broth until tender.

Then I used some that day, and froze the rest, about 6 cups, to be used at a later date!

A little bit of your time and imagination will say you a lot in the pocket book and the waistline!


We said “good bye” to our JRT mix

We had Rudder for 16 yrs.  We got him because our boys were getting older and we wanted someone for Dempsey our Boxer, plus Vance wanted a dog, of course he wanted a big dog like a Husky, we said no, to much shedding, they went to a breeder, supposedly he wouldn’t shed. HA!  He shed more then my mom’s goldens!!  And not only that, it was sharp fur and would stick in you!  But he was a wonderful dog, when Dempsey died 2 years later, we got Iggy, a Pug, those two were together for 10 years.

They would go in the same cage at the groomers and boarders, they didn’t like to be separated.  When Iggy died 10 years later, we got Mushu, (sorry Rudder), he seemed lonely and sad, but Mushu is … well…cray cray!  But they made it thru.

Rudder was mostly healthy, but just recently, his health started to fail, and over the Memorial Day Holiday, we had to let him go, he is now running in great health and playing with his Mama Dempsey, and his Bestie Iggy.

All of my furries are greatly missed as there is never a more pure/true/loyal love then that of your dog.


HA! Damn bugs!!!

So I have been going out every AM and spraying my tomatoes with my home made but spray, found it on internet somewhere, small spray bottle, add some mouthwash and dish soap to water and spray.  Works well mostly.

So I finally brought in my tomatoes and 3 turned red finally, one still green, and one had a bite taken out of it, #$%^@#$!!!

However, I cut that area out, inspected it thoroughly, then ate it!  It was GOOD.  Stupid bugs!

I also got some greenbeans, and my sunflowers are starting to grow.  Not sure what some of the other things are that are growing, it is my mystery garden!

So much fruit/so little time KMU (kitchen mash-up)

So what think you of my KMU??

So any whodles….we buy fruit, I also get fruit from my friend and sometimes from neighbors.  And you all know how I HATE wasting food!

So I had grapefruit from my friends moms tree, plus some fruit going soft, peach, pear, nectarine.  Hmmm, first I cut them all up for a fruit salad, hmmm, NOPE, the flavors did not play well together!

So, shit! What now…..ok, I just put a pan on the stove, added the fruit, then added a banana (remember, use natures thickner, NOT pectin, as it will just sugar it all up!) and mashed it all together, then since it was on tropical side, I added ginger, cinnamon, Vanilla and Lemon extract, and BOOM, yummy jam, that is….0 ZERO WW points also.

Nice win, no sugar, no wasted fruit, low cost and healthy jam!  Try it on a waffle with a small amount of your favorite ice cream, low pt , healthy dessert.  Your welcome 🙂







How to use those “prepper/mre/emergency” foods

you bought but haven’t needed yet, so you have to use them before they go bad.

My mom bought those “prepper” meals, so now I get to take them home and figure out how to use them so they don’t go to waste and they are better for her.

So time for some kitchen mash-up magic.  She has a bag of “potato soup”, small amount that was so thin and unappealing .  So she has a bag of cubed potatoes also, I make both of them.  I then add the two together, thickens the potato soup and flavors up the potatoes.

I split it in to 4 different flavor batches:

  • Potato/Califlower Soup – I had a head of califlower in my fridge so I used it
  • Potato/Black Bean/Chicken Soup – I had leftover beans and chicken
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Chicken soup – I had leftover corn & chicken,  + used some of her bag of peas
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Califlower soup – used up all the rest of the left overs!

So there is about 2/3 servings per batch, so she has 8/12 servings to add to her freezer!




it was so much fun, the goats are sooo cute!  My friend went with me, my hubby was so happy he didn’t have to go!

They had 3 sessions, next time we are taking the middle session, it will be cooler and the goats a little more active.

In all it was fun, got to pet them, one tried to eat the string on my pants, uh…I need that to keep them up!

They we baaaaing, and running around, just so cute, the local 4h kids were there, they raised them and made sure they were spread out thru the crowd.

There were guys and girls there, and it was a fairly easy class, had to be because everyone just wanted to cuddle goats 🙂


Kitchen Mash-Up

Hmmm, my husband fired up the grill so I cooked my squash on it.  But what to do with it?

Oh look, a can of diced tomatoes, oohhh, button mushrooms,  hmmmm artichoke hearts…WALA

spaghetti squash in a tomato, mushroom and artichoke sauce, high digits in a restaurant, and full of who knows what!

Yummy, low cal, low cost, low points…..SCORE!

So my Bday was this month…

and my husband got me a slot to go the the CAT CAFE, yep, that’s right.

It was Meowing Awesome!  A few kittens, older cats.  It was fun.

Although there were some little kids there hogging up the cat toys!

There was a kitten there that looked like a cat I used to have, I texted my husband that my cat had been reincarnated, but he wouldn’t let me bring him home ;(

Next on my bday gift list, GOAT YOGA! Woo hoo, already got a friend to sign up to.  Should be fun!