Going all HealhTea…

so as you may or maynot know, lots of healthy alternatives to drugs are teas…the downside is some of them taste like $%#^!

Now I like tea, and I constantly have a pot of Iced Tea available…I usually add fruit/herbal teas to flavor instead of sugar.  Well one day it hit me, instead of forcing down the good tea, that tastes bad, I just added it to my regular pot of tea….and YEA…..it works, it may take a little longer to get it all in, but I do.

So, if you like tea, and you want to do the natural path instead of drugs….add it to the tea you already like, it may taste a little different, but it should be a lot better overall, plus you will actually drink it 🙂


Sometimes I surprise myself

so, the house isn’t all together yet, finally found the box of glasses to drink out of :), and I really haven’t cooked yet…until today.

So I had some left over chicken from two restaurants, and they weren’t going to be eaten, but instead of throwing them away, I added them to a pot of water and boiled them down to broth and shredded chicken bits.

Booyah baby!  I still got it!

OMG…finally in

So….it was a comedy of errors….we were supposed to have 21 days to move, but the young couple who bought the house wanted to be in for Turkey Day, and we thought, ok we can do that…..13 days…wrong….

First our house didn’t close on time, an extra 2 days, and then the tenting of the house was delayed 3 days … so everything else had to be moved back…this was not a house we could just move into.

We had to add lights, take down wall paper and popcorn ceilings and paint and re-carpet, redo the bathroom….yea, I just had the bathroom at the old house done, it was awesome, I wanted it again…..and I got it.  We still have lots to go, but at least it is livable now.

Needless to say, while our old house was move in ready and they had Turkey day there, we went out to Chinese food.

The silver lining?  It was Dim Sum at the restaurant and it was AWESOME since I had my Aunt and Mom with me, we were able to try all sorts of stuff.  Plus my son was home from college for Turkey day, so it was all good.

I am so thankful that the house if finally done!

Slightly sporadic for a while

I try and post everyone other day or so….however….this move is killing me!  So my posts are a little more spaced out…..as am I 🙂

I am boxing up the house, while calling for quotes on the new one, while trying to do all my regular stuff, PLUS we have an HOA now….aaaauuugghh….gotta jump through a lot of hoops for the repairs….so don’t get to the computer as much as I want.

And of course add the holidays and it is a mad house around here!

Pumpkins and Banana’s OH MY

So it is October and pumpkins are EvErYwHerE!  So I bought one to cook up.

It took some work but I was able to gut it and cook it and I ended up with  a Huge Amount of pumpkin.

I also had some banana’s that were going to go bad before anyone could eat them..so…what to do?

Pumpkin Banana Raisin Muffins !  12  – cut the brown sugar in 1/2 and still tasty!

Pumpkin, Banana, Carrot, Tomato Soup!  6 cups

Pumpkin Banana Raisin & Cranberry Bread – 1 loaf – used wheat flour instead of white and no sugar and still good!

Plus I have been adding some to the dogs food, pumpkin is good for their digestive system – last 5 days

And I still have PUMPKIN left…..plus I bought another pumpkin to cook….yikes!

I think I will freeze the pumpkin from this one in 2 cup increments, easy for cooking that way


OMG WTF – there is a lot of stuff

in this house, 15 years, during prime school years, my house looks like a bomb hit it, and I am only working on the stuff in the garage right now….how does this happen?!?!

I am going to be going to goodwill quite a bit, best time to start clearing out stuff we never use.  Some much stuff, so many boxes, so little time!

And the cat is PISSED, I have moved all her sleeping places in the garage, she is so NOT a happy cat!