doggie bag kitchen mashups

Restaurant doggie bags can be people mashups:)

We went to our Greek restaurant and had lemon potatoes, hummus and pita bread left over.

I BBQ’d the other night and had corn on the cob and a yam, yep a yam, I also bought a sweet potato, haven’t cooked it yet.  Wanted to see what the difference was between them.  A yam is a sweeter version of a potato but not as sweet as a sweet potato, so far, that is what i have learned.  The reason for this seeming diversion will be clear in a few moments.

We went to a Persian restaurant and had hummus, rice pilaf, fava bean type hummus, cheese things, and pita bread left over.

Kitchen Mashup 1 – cut corn off cob, heated it with the rice pilaf, heated up a few lemon potatoes, had some hummus and bread, and a salad.

Kitchen mashup 2 – at the cheese things for a snack🙂

Kitchen mashup 3 – if you don’t know what to do with some things, throw them in  pot and make soup …, fava bean hummus stuff, 1/2 left over yam, corn off the cob (last one from bbq,  lemon potatoes, veggie broth and water….

and I still have more leftovers…… gonna get quite a few meals, nice way to stretch your food budget


yea for yoga!

I finally said “F” it, and went back to yoga, I got a month to month membership I can cancel at any time.  I really needed it.  I went to my first class and it help with my back issues about 75%.

Once I get going back regular I should start feeling 110% in no time.

I hadn’t been going for a while because we are in flux with the house, is it going to sell, where are we going to move, ect….but I couldn’t put it off anymore, it was very sore to get up and down.

Sigh….I hate getting old…aauugghhh

taking advantage of the sun without solar panels

It has been so hot, so you can take advantage of the sun for you laundry drying needs, just hang the close out to dry.  I have a portable pop-up drying rack, when hot I dry my towels and jeans (these take the longest to dry) to about 95% dry, I make sure to use liquid laundry softner,  and then I put them in the dryer for about 15 min to get the “crunchy” out.

I have nice , fresh, clean smelling clothes, and it takes about 1/4 the normal drying time so I save on electric/gas bill also.

This is also great for blankets, comforters, sheets, ect…..

Lawn birds have been slack a lackin..

So as you know, I have a garden (I know, really, I hardly ever talk about it🙂, and I don’t use any pesticides, I use a homemade mixture of water, soup, and mouthwash….and I leave the spiders and birds alone because they eat all the insects too.

However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, all my tomatoes turned ripe about the same time, so I pulled them off, and then pruned back the plant.  I had one baby tomato starting.

I came out the other day and some damn worm ate half of it…..shit….I couldn’t find the worm, I think the birds got it…..but obviously not soon enough…..darn slacker birds🙂

BBQ kitchen mash-up

It has been so hot, I have been using the bbq to cook some veggies.  I got some asparagus, wrapped it in foil after adding some oil and seasonings….it was ummm ummm good, but I only ate the top 2/3’s , so I had these tougher stalks…did I throw them away….oh Hell No!

I wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I thought of what to do with them🙂

Then the next day I cooked mushrooms, corn and roasted tomatoes on the bbq…..yea, that is some good eats there!

But I had some leftover tomatoes and corn, so I put those in the fridge while my I tried to figure out what to do with them.

So, HA,  I got out the asparagus and one of the tomatoes (which YES where  from my garden) and added a little broth and blended them up, but them in a pan and started to simmer them.

I then made a roux of broth, butter, milk and whole wheat flour, yes I started with just butter and flour but it got pasty so I added the milk and broth to smooth things out…

Then I added that to my soup, and then I cut the corn OFF the cob and cut up in chucks another tomato (from my garden, yes I AM proud of myself) and added that to the soup.

And now I have a wonderful, flavorful soup, full of veggie goodness and good for me!


Mushu is an Arse…..

OMG she is so spoiled……she no longer sleeps in our room, she is out in the living room with Rudder….however, she can hear when the alarm goes off, and now I can’t go back to sleep, she keeps barking until I get up and come out.

She can also hear when I go “tinkle” so know, if it is early, I have to try and be quiet so she doesn’t hear me and start barking…what kind of life is this…stupid dog🙂20160410_175941

If she wasn’t so cute, she’d be outta here….not really…

aauuughhh ….house hunting

I swear my house has never been so clean for so long…..of course half my house is in my garage so the garage is a MESS!

But the house is nice and clean and “open”, since I never know when I am going to get a call that someone wants to come and see the house.

We thought we found a house, we even put down good faith money, but after the inspection came back NOPE, not gonna a do it, would have been a money pit, so now I am trying to get my money back, much harder then sending it! And looking again at new houses.

You would think it would be easy, but it isn’t, especially since our house hasn’t even gotten an offer yet.

So we shall see.

Easy peasy way to start going vegetarian

FROZEN DINNERS….yea, you heard me, frozen dinners, I use them as a base when I am to tired (re: lazy) to cook from scratch.  They are already out there people, use them, they don’t say vegetarian, which is good because it means they are less expensive!

Now I think the box by itself isn’t quite enough, so I recommend eating a salad or soup with it as a complete dinner.

I made a cheese ravioli box, I added a whole tomato from MY garden, cut up, and some cheese, then I split a low carb pita bread and added cheese and garlic powder, and BOOM, easy peasy veggie meal.

The day before I had spaghetti with veggies & sauce box, so I added a Morning Star chicken patty,  and BOOM  chicken parmigiana , add a salad and quick tasty meal.

There are tons of these types out frozen dinners out there, most tend to be pasta based, but add some more fresh veggies and cheese and protein, they are a good, cheap, easy way to try it out.

I recommend Morning Star Farms Original Chik Pattties, because seriously, I can’t taste the difference.  They are a good to add to the frozen dinners to make a complete filling meal.



Box full o’ Fun, Par Duex

So my son calls to say he got his box, and Thank my for the early B-day gifts…yea, I raised him well🙂

Put then mister smarty pants is like “you just wanted to empty the drawer didn’t you”, because we do have a drawer that we put all the extra condiments we bring home from restaurants, and while I did send him a bag of those condiments, it was because I was being a GOOD MOM, not because I needed to clean out that drawer, which DID need cleaning but it was the thought that matters…

my son, he can still be a smart arse 1000’s of miles from home!

No “poo” for you

I have been doing the no “poo”, or shampoo for a while now.  My husband uses shampoo but I have been getting him

Garnier Fructis Haircare Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo

Yes I cut and pasted that …..

because it is the best if you are going to use it I have found so far.  Now sometimes I have to put hairspray or use mousse, so when I was my hair I will do 80% baking soda with a dash of that shampoo and I stay away from the top of my head and just wash the hair, this helps me feel like I got it all out without feeling I just f’d up all my hard work so far.

My hair is healthier, sheds less, and grows faster….and costs me next to nothing to keep it that way.