Kitchen Mash-Up

For breakfast I had some sliced apples in the fridge, so I put them in a pan with some water, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon.   I let them simmer for a bit, then I pulled out my topping.  You know how at the bottom of the box of cereal it is all kind of crushed up?  Don’t throw it away!!!  Use it for toppings, like I did on my hot apples, kind of like a deconstructed apple pie!  Or use it to make a crust, use your imagination peeps, don’t throw it away!

For Lunch I went to EPL and got the chicken tortilla soup, es muy spicy!  So of course I  couldn’t eat it there.  I took it home and added a can of chicken broth, some celery and tomatoes.  It is still a bit hot, but I will add sour cream to cool it off.

Woop Woop!


OMG…..what happened to my husband…

he has been swapped with a “new and improved” version!?!?!

So I think I might have mentioned in the past how bad of eaters my boys are, and my hubby has always been the worst!

Quick recap, when we got married he ate  things, seriously,

  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs ONLY, 3 different ways, Boiled on bread with chili, split in 1/2 and fried and put on bread, or cooked in stove till burnt in bun.
  • Cube steak, breaded in crackers and DEEP Fried in oil
  • Tacos (WT tacos) – Plain ground beef, corn tortillas semi cooked in oil , with Mayo …..YEAH freaking Mayonaise spread on the soft oil shell, and this is the best, I had to take individually wrapped american cheese and GRATE it, do you have any idea how hard that is?

No veggies, no fruit, just this shit!

I put my foot down on the taco’s once I got pregnant, first I swapped out the freaking sliced cheese for hard cheese, easier to grate and better for you.  Then I swapped out the fry in oil to steam in microwave, however TO THIS DAY, he puts mayo on the shells and uses plain ground beef!!!!

He slowly added to what he would eat, because well, I wasn’t gonna eat this crap and I wasn’t gonna make two meals either.

He got better once he started eating chicken and rice, but seriously, corn , potato, apple and banana’s, rarely was all I could get him to eat.  I was able to get him to add shrimp to his meals and he has always eaten hamburgers and steak.

Now 32 years later, he discovers salads, he is like “why did you hide salads from me all these years?”  WTF!, I eat them all the time, but he finally decided to “choke” it down and know not only is he eating salads….he is taking them for lunch….hell has frozen over!

And, he started trying some veggies, he will get green beans or asparagas when we go out, and he will now eat peppers and onions, however I HATE peppers and onions.

So not only is he eating them when we are out, he is cooking them at home also, because there is no way for me to tell if they are done or not!

Wish it wouldn’t have taken him half his life to start eating better, but hopefully this will make the later years healthier for him.  I have to say it is pretty sad when it is ME that has an issue at a restaurant instead of him for once, they put freaking onions and peppers in everything!

WW Healthy Meals Swaps

WW is a lifestyle, not a diet, so today, instead of what I would have eaten, 2 chocolate Chip Waffles, I had ONE waffle, 2 eggs, and Strawberries!

I put the strawberries on the waffle instead of syrup, it was like a restaurant waffle!

Easy peasy swap,  still ate my Chocolate Waffle, still full, but not full of calories and fat!

I have been “healthifing” my food for a while (ask my son :)….. this is just taking it one more level.

I feel better, have more energy and most important, I am not hangry, I don’t think of food all the time, it is awesome…..and losing weight has been a great side effect!

Well … hell….black seed oil works….

aaauuugggg, this is some nasty shit, seriously, like liquid menthol, bbbbhhtttttttccckkkk!

But it helps with the gurgily gut, but, wait for it,  it brought my cholesterol down….WTF!!!

1/3/18 – 296  –  3/29/19 – 218

Now I can’t figure out any way to stop taking it, shit!  Gotta stock up on grapefruit, it kills the taste the best.



Well I did it, I ordered some Ladybugs

I am hoping to put them in my garden and that they will eat all the pesky bad insects.  I hope it works.

So my potatoes (not spinach) are doing good, my tomatoes are coming back in, and some lettuce is looking good.

I have some bean plants coming up too.  I have 3 old grow boxes I am going to fill up also.

So we shall see!

Get the most out of your BBQ

so we have a Treager, we love it, what I do, is when the stuff is almost down, I will do the “shut off” mode, it will continue to be hot for a while, and this way it continues to cook without using more pellets and electricty.

I also multi-task my cooking, so I started with a squash, then went out later and added my tomatoes.  Then they were all done at same time.

No muss, no fuss, and very few items to clean!

Solar is AmAzInG….love it!

So know that the sun is staying out longer, we will be getting even more energy.  I love that my last bill was…..$50……usually over $275…….boom chacklaka BOOM!

It will keep getting smaller the rest of the year….woop, woop! Even figuring in the cost of the solar, we are going to save at LEAST $100 a month, $200 during summer, that adds up people!

Got ours from Costco, good pricing, better financing, plus 2% back , plus a $600 GC, yep …win/win/win.

And yes I still will take my jeans and towels outside to dry mostly in the sun, still want to keep my use down, plus it is better for the clothes and less wear and tear on my machines!

3…..2…..1…. NONE

OMG, I have 3 Freaking Orange Theory Sessions left……aaauuuggghhhh…..if I wasn’t so cheap I would say “screw it” but , I  am 🙂

They keep letting me know I am almost out and they have “deals”, yeah, no thanks, nah, not gonna happen again, ever!

I am using these last ones when I know I go off the deep end, and eat more then I should.  I know it, I still do it, it is a lifestyle, not a diet, shit happens, then you eat chocolate!

I will be so Happy when I am down to ZERO!

and my husband still has TEN sessions,  who is the slacker now huh???!!!

Multi-tasking veggies

So I am trying to eat more plant based foods, I figured I would BBQ my spaghetti squash to give it a little more umph.

While it was out there, I also spiraled and cooked some zucchini on the grill and I had bought some baby sweet potatoes so I did those at the same time.

Cooked veggies for the whole week, to eat as-is, or in a dish, no dishes to clean up, and great flavor all around, plus it took 45 min for the squash, so it was already on and heated for me to cook other items at the same time.  Saving money and time!

Multi-tasking at its best!