My Rudder Butter….old man

Rudder is a jrt mix, who sheds like a golden, it is crazy, he is 13 1/2  yrs old, and still in pretty good shape, but he is too smart for his own good, I have pain pills for him, i wrap the in food and somehow he still spits them out!  I made him eggs today, crushed the pill, wrapped it in butter and he still managed not to eat some of the eggs with the pill in them…auugghhh!

Damn dog!


I opened my mail box to put in a package and there was a freaking SPIDER in it, a big one and a small one actually.

Now I know spiders are good (most of them) and I don’t go out of my way to kill them it they are outside, unless they are black widows, then you be dead!

But this is unacceptable!  I put my hand in there to get mail, I bring the mail in the HOUSE…ewwwww… I got my spray bottle of water, soap and mouthwash that I use for my plants and I sprayed its ASS down….I had to pull out its web to, it was pretty strong…yucky, yucky, YUCK.

Now I am going to be freaked out every time I go get the mail….sigh…shit!

I try to do workouts at home…

but I get easily distracted by…the dogs, the cat, dishes, phone calls, work…ect….I can’t do anything on the floor without the dogs trying to play with or sit on me.

At class there is nothing to distract me, that is my quality ME time….it is also good for the family to come home and me NOT be here….they can amuse themselves for a few hours😉

except that means my son usually takes my parking spot…sigh…

Yoga = no pain pills

yep, you read that right, my hips have been killing me!  I finally started going back to yoga, and woo hoo, I have gone 5 days a week, except on the Monday holiday and last Friday when my husband took off work….totally screwed up my schedule!

I haven’t had to take a pain pill except for Sunday, as the Yoga helps to lessen it to almost nothing!

So I do everything I can to go almost everyday, much better then pills anyday, plus I don’t want to do to the doctor because I gained some weight back and she will want to take my blood and put me on meds….nope, going old school….

Let’s NOT be able to contact our customers

the same company has come up with a NEW policy that sellers can’t contact their customers AT ALL.  Yep no way to do it.  Here is what I sent to them and the response, believe me I am NOT the only one unhappy about this….so I have been selling less and less here, looking for a new site, one that lets me talk to my customers…


Dear xx,

Maybe you should REINSTATE the mailbox option so we can contact our customers while you are working out the kinks of the support tickets.  Why are our customers and sales having to suffer, while you work on this issue?


I checked with xxx about this, and he said that it’s still something that we plan on doing, but we’re not to that yet.

The Support Tickets project is still open and working and having new types of tickets being created.


We are not going to reinstate the mailbox option. At some point, we will have a way to open a ticket to contact buyers when there are questions. It’s not “working on the issue”, it’s something that’s planned for the future.

If you have issues related to specific orders, please contact Support so they can assist you.

got an offer…oh HELL no

so we got an offer, a super low offer, but that wasn’t the worst of it, she want’s my appliances too.  I so don’t think so.  I am fine with the fridge because it is old and broken and I want a new one.  But my washer and dryer are fairly new.

Plus it was a super low offer….no way….we countered with a fair offer, they came back with a lowball offer again and wanted us to pay for more stuff….yea that aint happening.

You want my stuff, you want me to pay for things, then you pay a fair price….ugh

I am hoping we are done by this weekend…..want to put my house back together and start working on it.  It is hard to live with half you kitchen in the garage and I keep forgetting where I put stuff!

things that make you go hmmm

so I use a site other then ebay to sell my items, they recently made some very….well….STUPID changes.

One of the worst is they haven’t linked feedback to the sale but the item.  So while you can never delete a sale from your history, you can delete an item, if you are out of stock, don’t like it, ect…

So what I found out is that you delete the item, your feedback disappears with it, this is annoying and can be used to get rid of bad feedback, which is usually there for a reason, not always but sometimes.  So I sent them a response letting them know this was happening and here is there response….basically they don’t care that you can manipulate your feedback ratings…

” xxx only wants you to have top rated items in your stock. For your benefit as well as xxx.

If a Product gets 3 or more bad ratings, the chances of it being scheduled are very slim and it would behoove the seller to remove it from their inventory since, if it did get scheduled, the buyer would see the poor star rating the product had, and probably not bid on the item, but you would still be charged the scheduling fee.

If you delete an item just to get rid of the bad reviews, why would you want to create a new listing for something that will get bad reviews again? It doesn’t make sense and you would still need to deal with any bad reviews going forward. Also, the system itself uses information on all items and if there has been poor performance, then it may not get scheduled anyway.”

hhmmmmm….I don’t think they get it…..oh well

the “Middle Class”

we live in So Cal, one of the most expensive housing places to live.  Our house has been on the market for almost 60 days, and it is priced within range of other houses of same size.

What we find is that our house isn’t a “fixer upper” nor is it a “Show Stopper” and we have seen both, with a Fixer Upper you figure you can get it for a deal, upgrade how you like it and have equity in it, with a Show Stopper, you are like, this is perfect , nothing has to be done, move right in and start living.

Fixer Uppers are Lower cost, Show Stoppers are Higher cost, our house is in good shape, average middle class house with an average price for were we live.  We have over the years, upgraded the A/C and added vents, added double pane windows, a patio cover, carpet, tile, paint, ect….we just upgraded the bathrooms, but the kitchen could use an upgrade, but nothing drastically wrong with it, and nothing that knocks you socks off.

Why isn’t it selling,  because an average middle class house is still FREAKING expensive and I am not sure how affordable it is for most people.  That is a sad thing but true, because when we go out house hunting we get the same feeling,  not sure this is gonna sell.

Which I am fine with, hubby …. not so much😉


Closet Mash-Up….

so we were going out and I needed something to wear, but it is still HOT and all my nice clothes aren’t summery.

Then I saw a sleeveless dress I haven’t worn in a while, because….I need sleeves, then I found the black shirt I recently got from Thred Up and I put it on Over the dress and it looked like a Shirt and Skirt combo.

HA, take that white flabby arms….able to hide them and still look nice in my dress.

Booyah!  Didn’t have to buy a new dress, able to make use of dress haven’t worn in a while.

Saved money and hubby from dealing with a wife unhappy about her outfit🙂