OMG WTF – there is a lot of stuff

in this house, 15 years, during prime school years, my house looks like a bomb hit it, and I am only working on the stuff in the garage right now….how does this happen?!?!

I am going to be going to goodwill quite a bit, best time to start clearing out stuff we never use.  Some much stuff, so many boxes, so little time!

And the cat is PISSED, I have moved all her sleeping places in the garage, she is so NOT a happy cat!

Kitchen Mash-up Apple Butter

how can that be a mash-up you ask….you will see….

Hmmm, some apples and pears that are going to go bad, oh whatever can I do?

Let’s cut them up (peel and all) and put them in a pan with some butter,

Oh Look!  I found a packet of spices for Mulled Cider.(which I won’t use) ..lets steep that in some water then add it to the fruit in the pan….

lets add some butter, cinnamon and vanilla….let it simmer for a while then cool

put in in the blender and BOYAH….apple butter, the pear was put in for pectin so no sugar was added, all natural baby!

That is how you don’t throw away…waste food…and the blender will chop of the peels and since the peels have lots of vitamins it is better for you!


I saw a great FB post about cinnamon rolls

they basically opened up the package, put the roll in the waffle iron and cooked it, they added some milk and powdered sugar to the topping and it looked good.

So, here are some tips…get the 5 count NOT the 8 count, they look more like donuts then waffle, if you don’t have powdered sugar and use cream cheese/yogurt, it isn’t as sweet, and lastly, I would go with the name brand, the off brand was “Meh”.

That said, it hasn’t stopped me from eating them🙂

Well….hell….looks like we be moving

so our house came OFF the market on 10/1/16….not sold, no longer on the market, we get a freaking OFFER on 10/2/16…..and yes we took it.  So it looks like we are moving….we just gotta find us a new house….yikes!

We have a few contenders so we will see what happens…..I am thinking my life would be a lot easier if I just go get a job, cause guess who is going to have to oversee the move….hmm…yep…ME.

That cat is gonna be pissed!  Ha, there is a silver lining…..!


Working from home is all glamour…

sigh….. alarm goes off….get out of bed….

pick up doggie doo in hallway, spot clean

feed dogs

start 1st load of laundry

pick up doggie doo in kitchen, wash floor

switch laundry, start 2nd load

pick up kittie puke on kitchen floor, wash floor AGAIN

Hang up 1st load of laundry

dry 2nd load of laundry

finally eat breakfast

start working from home

….I really thought it would be a lot more fun and exciting….it ain’t!



Booyah for sprouted tofu….

so I found this new tofu, it doesn’t come in a water packed container, it comes in a sealed plastic wrap.  I bought a small block and for me it is going to be about 5 meals!

It is a great replacement for scrambled eggs,it crumbles and stays in shape,

so I crumbled some tofu, mushrooms and tomatoes for a scramble bowl

ran out of mushrooms so next meal was tofu, tomatoes and cheese (remember, I am trying to go vegetarian, I am not a vegan, if you don’t want cheese you can skip or use vegan cheese!)

then got tired of scrambled bowl, so smushed 1/2 small avocado on flat bread, then added tofu, tomatoes and cheese for a breakfast sandwich

and I still have some left for more meals.

I just cook it in butter, but I think if I added some other seasonings I can use it in place of ground beef.  Once I try it I will let you know.