Woo Hoo, finally I got a tomato I can eat

and eat it I did, with some slices of cucumber.  Nice tasty salad…..nice to know that the tomato I know is free of pesticides and any kind of harmful things as I grew it from a seed my self, and it was mighty tasty if I do say so myself…I was so excited I forget to take a picture of my salad before I ate it :)


Yep, I grew it all by myself, ain’t it pretty!  It was very Tasty!

Compare all your deals.

I went to a flower site and it had a Buy one Get one Free Deal…..so the items I put in my cart added up to $47.

I then went to my shopping site that gives you coupons and money back – so the 1st option was just 20% back sound good, except when I went to my cart the price was now $60, no more buy one get one free, the rebate would be $12, cost after all smoke $48

But here is the really crazy part, I picked the 15% coupon with 20% back option and the price went UP to $63 WITH the 15%??? and the rebate of $12.60 cost is $50????

So I always check what I want before the deal shopping sites with what it ends up being after, sometimes it is a good deal, sometime, Not so much…like this time.

I know I posted about it before, but COCONUT & Honey is amaZING

I have had some ouchies as you all know, they are basically GONE!   I have been doing a Coconut hair mask weekly and my hair can then go days without washing, getting shiny and less shed.  I have shed my hair forEVer.

When I lived at home my parents would yell at me to clean out my hair after bathing, it was that bad then and it is bad now, I am surprised I am not bald, I am not surprised how thin it is.  So my shedding is also down.

I feel the other day and when I put my hand out to stop my self I sliced it with a piece of tile, after we stopped the bleeding and poured hyrodgen peroxide on it, I put my mixture on it, no infection, (remodel of bathroom and garage was dirty and dusty) so booyah.

Now not only and I only putting natural things inside but also outside my body.

Now I read that actually ingesting coconut and honey is good for you, I use raw honey, but taking a teaspoon everyday is hard, and I really don’t like the taste of coconut :)  no Pina Coladas’s or Snowballs for me.  But the milk and oil don’t really taste coconutty.

I am going to try drinking it in a hot tea, the benefit is that my lips are Oh So Kissable afterwards ;)

So expect to hear more about my love affair with coconut & honey, I am looking for more tips and ways to use it.  Now both are kind of expensive, but I found a site I can get the coconut in bulk, just trying to figure out how to store it.

I wonder if I back it in a oatmeal cookie how that would be?  Any other ideas people.

Purina one via Influenster

I rec’d my goodie box from Influenster again.  this time it was the Kitty’s box, she got the goodies Purina One and I got the discount, FREE bag of Food, and coupon for FREE bag of food.  My cat is pretty picky, she used to eat a type of food then stopped and we started buying Blue Buffalo, small pieces and she ate it.

She really likes this food….boyah…and it is good for her….so a great win/win for all

IMG_6830 IMG_6837 IMG_6842

I am feeling rumbly in my tumbly, and not in a good way :(

As you all know I have been trying to live a whole foods based veggie no artificial ingredient lifestyle.  I have been doing really, mostly veggies, some brown rice, quinoa, home made low carb breads ect.  I have eaten seafood and chicken rarely, and mike products almost not at all.

I have found that I can eat meat once in a great while ( once in 3 months), like a really good burger, no big deal, but if I ended up eating another one again like 3 weeks later and boy did I pay for it….OMG, it was rumbly in a bad way!

We have been fixing the bathrooms, and so I am having a hard time getting my exercise in and we have been eating out more while we are looking for things, so I have had some really tough times lately.   I also think eating fried zucchini with burger was a BAAAD Idea, I don’t really eat anything deep fried, ever.

So I went from going to yoga/exercise at least 3 times a week, no eating out except on weekends, and then only tofu or in worse case fish, to very little exercise, meat, and even though I had a non-meat pasta, the cream sauce I think was too rich, remember no dairy here, my system has been very very unhappy with me.

So, trying to get my exercise in when I can, avoiding all meat……here is an example quite a few of you could probably relate to…remember that time you got really really REALLy drunk drinking whatever (my case was tequila , I was much younger then ;’) and you couldn’t drink that drink for weeks, months, years because every time you smelled it you wanted to hurl????   That was my lovely experience with meat (and possibly dairy)….so I have no craving what so ever for a burger/steak right now.

So learn from my mistake, going veggie is good, but after a while your body prefers it, and as long as you don’t over do it, a slip of the wagon won’t kill you, but if you dive off, beware the consequence!

More savings tips

long time followers may find some repeats, but I want to give it out to everyone again for those who may have never seen them:

#1 – Loyalty Programs – as per my last post – if you tend to shop somewhere like say Target quite often sign up for what ever loyalty program they have, you are already there, take advantage of anything they want to give you!

#2 – Target Red Card DEBIT – if you do shop at Target, don’t get yourself mired with another credit card, get the Debit Card, works just like your bank debit card except you get 5% off every purchase…this is no brainer for serious Target Shoppers

#3 – Don’t be hooked by “designer/name” brands, there are alternatives out there, I have the simple human trash can, I DON”T by there trashbags, I get the big box of trash bags from Costco, they work in this can, why would I pay more???  I have a Mint that sweeps and mops the floor, also like a Swiffer, I buy generic wipe, also I found that when one side gets dirty, just turn it up side down and use the other side!!  It may take a little time, but you will save big for you wallet

#4 – Use the SUN!  Free energy, buy a Clothes Line…I have a portable dryer that folds up like an umbrella for storage.  I dry Towels, Jeans and my sons T-Shirts in the sun.  Couple of helpful hints, use softner in the clothes you are going to dry on the line, and take them off before they are completely dry.  This will avoid the stiffness that sometimes occurs.  Take down while just a little damp, and throw them in the dryer for 10-15 min, much less energy used, since those items can take over 1 hour to dry.

#5 – Yes your dishwasher has lots of choices/settings but NO you don’t have to use them.  I only use the China/Delicate setting, it is shorter and works great, I also don’t use the heat dry setting.  I will use a regular setting if I have a bunch of items that are really dirty, mostly at holidays.  Save water and electricity.

#6 – Yes your washer/dryer has lots of choices/settings, you don’t have to use them.  Again, I used the lowest one I can to get the best effect, so 99% of the time it is Perm Press which is 44 min with a spin cycle.  Most of the other settings are 60 min or more.  The dryer I use time setting, the “sensor” setting can keep things drying for hours if one item is damp.  I set the timer and then check every 15 and take out anything that is already dry so the other items will be able to dry faster.

This is just a few of my hints….I will keep posting more as time goes by.  Please let me know how they work out for you.

Sometimes things don’t work out…I was jonesing for hamburgers

so I find this Qrunch Spicy Italian Quinoa Burger, hey sounds good….uhhh….not really.

Let me explain, the “burger” is very soft and actually falls apart quite easily, and tastes more grainy then meaty. So I would suggest it more as a replacement for falafel, which I find many times to be TOO spicy for me.


I cooked the “burger” and since it fell apart I crumbled it more in a pita, with mayo, pickles and lettuce (from my garden) and ate it as a gyro.

This is how I will use the rest of these, not sure if I will buy again, but I need to use them up , already spent the moolah.

So if you are looking for a burger like substitute this ain’t it, however, I think this can be used in other ways, going to maybe crumble with some pasta next time.

Sign up with the loyalty programs people! Take advantage of FREE

Seriously, beside getting deals through out the year you get deals on your B-day.  I would say the Pick Up Stix is the best loyalty program, we get lots of FREE entree’s thru the year.

Just a Sample of by B-day offerings

Corner Bakery – Free Treat

Chilis – Free Desert

Bj”s – Free mini Pazooki

Finbars – 25% off entire meal – food only

Jamba Juice – Free Smoothie

Jersey Mike – Free Sandwich and Drink

World Market – 15% off coupon

Anna’s – 10% of entire purchase

Lone Star – Free Appitizer

Godiva – $10 or purchase of $10 or greater

when life gives you to many ripening raspberries, you end up with sauce

I thought would actually be jelly or jam, but noooo, to many damn seeds and by the time you press it thru a sieve you end up with sauce.

So I used my homemade low carb, all natural bread to make french toast (had to use up some egg whites) and use the raspberry sauce as a topping, pretty darn good :)