WEBS – tried deleting my website, they won’t let me

harder then I thought.  I am trying to delete an old website at – webs – first off the do their best NOT to make it easy find out how to delete, they then make it impossible, because the password I used to get to my site, they say isn’t the right password to delete my site??  WTF…I basically deleted everything but it is the principal of the matter.

So don’t start a site there if you think you may want to delete it.  They don’t like when you do that!

The cat is Pis## off …… the house has been torn

up for the new moulding and carpet for 2 days, she is so not amused!  There is stuff everywhere in the kitchen so she can’t get up on the counters.

She is hiding in the garage because there are strangers and loud noises.  Once they leave, she comes out and gives me the stink eye.  I would take a picture but I haven’t found my camera yet.

But she has been pooping right outside her litter box as an F U!

Stupid cat!

New flooring, who knew it would be such a pain

to decided, wood or carpet or tile.  I want tile, but it is expensive so that was off the list.  We looked into the wood, but in the end went with new carpet.  Took us about 2 months of online research and going to stores..aauugg!

We decided to do the moulding around the floors at the same time, I didn’t realize how much nicer it would look.  It looks GOOD!

But in order to get this done, we had to move out the office, my sons room, our room and the living room.  OMG…who knew we had so much crap.  I have been throwing things out as I empty out the drawers and shelves, and I plan on throwing things out or giving them away as I move the stuff back in.

So it is like a really thorough deep cleaning. and the good thing is the carpet we got was on sale and it helps to keep the house smelling good.

The bad news is, after this, almost all signs of Iggy will be gone.  The smelly beds went first as Rudder sleeps in the closet? Weirdo dog :)  Now all those unsightly pee stains and dog smells will be gone.  I loved my Iggy but he was a pee’er!  He peed on Rudder???, on the Roomba, on the shelving, he once POOPED on top of a basketball, yea, try and picture that! The vet he said he was showing his dominance.

I would seriously give it all up to have my dog back, smells & pee stains both!

Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of Iggy related

posts.  He was the bestest dog ever,  I am trying to cope with the loss, but it is hard.  We had him for over a decade.  He was there when I lost my job, my son moved out, my best friend died and my dad died.

During the last few years with no job, he was my shadow, he followed me everywhere.  Now his love and affection are gone.  Poor Rudder is lost, he is wondering where he is.  Even that stupid cat knows something is off.

He went to the rainbow bridge in my arms, my son and husband where there also, it was rough.  He is missed.

So this is my blog diary and I will post about my doggy,

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I got a composter the other day

we will see how it works out, my husband was tired of my tossing the fruit and veggies on the hill :)

Thank goodness for youtube, the directions were not existant at best, but we found a video of it on line.  I am sure they saved us an hour or so and a lot of frustration.

It is a two sided one, one side if full, we will see what happens!


Ode to Iggy

There once was a puppy name Iggy, and he came to live with a family and made them giddy. He shared his home with Rudder the dog, and a perfect pair they soon had become.  As Iggy grew, so his heart did too, and he showered them all with unconditional love.  He was a goof, and never aloof, and loved his walks and treats and shared them with Rudder too.  Iggy’s tailed stayed curled to show the world what a happy dog he was.  He loved his snacks and would do his “Iggy” dance when they came into view.  As he grew older, he slowed down a notch, but was a love bug still.  He then grew ill, and could no longer see, and had to receive 2 shots each day, but no anger or growl he displayed, and after the sting, a hug and snack he received and his tail was still curled each day.  Then came a time where he had more problems, so 2 shots, 2 drops and 2 pills he did get each day, but he still loved his family the same way, and they returned it to him and his tailed was still curled each day.  Then came the time, when Iggy didn’t whine, but sick he was and he tail was unfurled and so with heavy hearts did his family let Iggy depart  to the rainbow bridge and they miss his love, and giving him belly rubs, but now he can see, and run, and breathe, and a happy dog he be, with a tail curled to show his love waiting for his family.

Thred-Up – I sent some clothes in and this is the results

I saw a post on Thred-Up, where you can get money for your clothes.  First off if you are going to send clothes in I suggest sending a large amount in at once, and nothing that you would want back if they choose not to buy it, as they charge you $4.99 for a shipping bag to send in your clothes and $12.99 to send items back.

I got in on a deal and my bag was free, however, I did say I wanted things back they didn’t want, they charge you $12.99, I think this is a lot.

So since this was my first time, I didn’t send in as much as I could have, thus my suggestion above, send in everything you have!  Also, don’t send in stuff you would want back as $12.99 is kind of high, I was glad to get back the items they didn’t keep.

I received $8.93 for the items they kept, they will sell them for $75.94, and I didn’t get any cash since I requested un-bought items back it cost me $12.99, so I actually lost $4.06.

Items they have already sold:

style&co dress pants                   13.99

style&co dress pants                    13.99

dkny jeans                                     12.99

carlos by carlos santa heels          17.99

dressbarn sleeveless top                7.99



On sale at this moment

mossino sweater dress                   8.99



So I think they only way this makes sense is to send a huge amount of clothes in, none that you want back, and don’t expect to make a bunch of cash.

I like the this site doesn’t limit it to super expensive, name label clothes, but I think they could a least not charge you to send your items in!

I received around 11% of what they sell it for, I would think they could at least give 25%, so instead of 8.93 it would have been $18.98.


Thinking inside the box “refrig”…. :)

I hate to waste, money or food.  The other day, I was bbqing for the boys, so I put some tomatoes out to roast when I turn it off because it still stays hot.  Like an electric oven :)

I had a free meal fro Panera, and I had the 1/2 of the soup left over, and the day before we caught the end of the farmers market and I grabbed some tomatoes for $1.00

So I cut up an orange, green and red tomato, I squeezed out some seeds to put in the garden, and I added some veggie stock and let it simmer, once those were about done, I added the roasted tomatoes from a few days ago.  I then sent that thru the blender a few times, put it back in pan with some milk and added the panera soup.

I had a left over snack pack from a trial of Graze, it is herby, not great on its own, but it is gonna rock with my soup.  win/win/Yummy!

IMG_7043 IMG_7044 IMG_7045