We now have 3 fridges

2 in garage, 1 for each couple, plus the common one in Kitchen.  We may need another washer and dryer, we will see how it works out.

Right now son and wife on Honeymoon in England, Scotland and Ireland.  They are getting antsy to be on own I think after a few years here, but they have been able to get out of debt, pay off wedding, and take honeymoon, now they are saving for house.

Son and girlfriend are looking for jobs, his girlfriend got one the other day real close to home.  Expect them to be here a few years while they pay off school debt and save for house also.

I am lucky both girls are nice and help around the house.  It is nice to have a full house, but I am sure being on our own would be nice too, but I am in no rush to see them go.



Fuller House….no empty nest here

so, lets see, my youngest has come back from Montana with his girlfriend, plus my son and his wife live with us, so we went like this


(4) Mom, Dad, Son oldest, Son youngest-

(3) Mom, Dad, Son youngest – oldest gave 30 day notice (so I could cope) and moved out with friends = 1/2 empty nest

(5) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Girlfriend, Son Youngest –  had son and his girlfriend move back in , apartments he lived in, neighbor took machete to wife head, sorry Mama no can do with them living there, come on home!

(4) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Girlfriend – youngest son of to college in Montana, noooo, so far away for 2 years!  1/2 empty nest.

made a move to larger house just in time ……

(6) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Wife, Son Youngest, son’s girlfriend – oldest son married girlfriend, youngest graduated and came back home with girlfriend!

So now instead if an empty nest, we actually added to it!

We may get a year to on our own before my mom has to come live with us 😉




Damn cat……so she had mats

LOTS of them, she doesn’t like me to comb her, so it shard.  I have an appt. set up every 3 months to groom her…but we had to shave her down this time and I am NOT upset at all, since she horked a hairball in my sandal right before we left.




Damn cat, had to wash my feet and sandal!!!!

Not sure why they left the tail, like a duster 🙂


Got a new Fridge for my b-day :)

Soo, we have a fridge, it is old, but we didn’t realize it was 15 years old til we looked it up.

It has the push buttons for water, which have been broke for a while now, we have been living with it, but it has become too small for us and my son and his wife, plus my youngest is coming home (woot woot) with his girlfriend, and I was like….ok…time for a new fridge.

It is so nice, has much more space, old one was side by side, this one has freezer drawer on bottom.  Easier to see everything, will help with stuff getting pushed back and going bad.

Plus it was on a deal and we got 18 same as cash financing.  Bohya!

So I help friends and family with their taxes

I used to get it done, but I am an accountant by nature, so I would take all my files to him, all nice neat with excel spreadsheet and he would give it back the way I gave it to him,

So I went to tax school to learn to do my own.  It was the same cost as doing my taxes, but now I do my own and help others.  I went again 4 years later when we needed to do some more complicated things, and as a refresher as taxes change every year.

So of course my SON is the one that waits til the LAST moment to get me all of his info.


I spent my bday morning going to the post office, at least it wasn’t packed, in and out under 30 min.  I think more and more people are e-filing.

Sigh…..I started his right after ours…he was unhappy he owed state but getting fed back.  That is what happens when you get a real job and start making money.

At least everyone is done and sent.

Trouble logging in…

Is anyone else having issues getting on?  I had to get here thru a link from another site of mine.  If I try to log in regular, it just gives me a “loading my sites” message, on and on and on….. nothing comes up.

Very annoying, because if you can’t log in, you can’t get to customer service and there are no phone numbers or emails to contact them directly that I can find.

This is why I haven’t posted lately…..aauugghh