We are getting SOLAR finally

As you probably know if you follow my blog, for some reason my hubby has a bad attitude about solar.  Has forever, he said to me one time “I don’t care if it is FREEd, we are not getting solar!”

So when we moved, the whole freaking area DOESN”T have a/c, what is up with that?  Know we have found that we really only need it a few weeks of summer, I have been able to keep him from getting A/C for two years, but he really wants it.

SO, if he gets A/C I get SOLAR, because no way it will “only” be used when it is really needed and the Electric is expensive here.  So he finally said yes.  Then he has the nerve to say ” I told you, you get everything you want”….HUH….I have been working on getting Solar for TEN YEARS and DECADE, and he calls me spoiled…what a $#%^.

But at least know when we get A/C we won’t have to worry about sky high bills!


Basketball Rules for MOM

So last post I let you know my son and his girlfriend are very active.  They play B-Ball on Tues and Thurs , so me and my hubby are “playing” with them.

So..hmm…Hubby 6 ‘2, Son 5’10, Girlfriend 5’6 , Me 5’  so mom get’s some “gimmies”,

First – No blocking mom, the chance of her actually getting a basket are pretty slim

Last – No fouls called on mom…..even if she is “hugging” you so you can’t move the ball

I last maybe 15 min in a 2 on 2 situation,  when we play around the world, I get to stay close and my lovely granny shots go in on occasion!

Lastly when mom says she is done, and she is laying on the ground, gasping for air, she is DONE!



Kitchen Mash-Up prepper style

Sooo, my mom, well, she is a little bonkers sometimes, so she bought a bucket or should I say BUCKETS of emergency food, that will be going bad in a year so.   So guess who has to figure out what to do with it, ME!

So she gave me the freeze dried veggies, so hmm, I have Freeze dried peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.  What to do…what to do.

I found some broth in the cupboard, so I poured that in a pan and added about a cup of each veggie.  I then added a can of white beans and cut up tomatoes and made a soup.

Pretty darn good !

So I have some of this soup, not a lot, so I throw it in a pan, add some leftover green beans and some left over chicken and BOOM chicka BOOM, another master piece!


So, let’s see what is up recently…

I am still on Weight Watchers, now renamed , Wellness that Works…. ’cause you know…..Weight Watchers is so not PC… what a crock, but whatever, I have lost 27 lbs, so I am fine with it by any name 🙂

All the pets are doing ok still, Rudder coming up on 15 yrs, besides going deaf, and slightly blind and peeing everywhere, he is fine.  Mushu is now almost 30 lbs, but not fat, the kids walk her and run her, so she is a very fit puggly!

That cat is STILL an ASS….she is about 8 years old now, keeps pushing my stuff off things, she loves to go outside (daytime only) and stalk the birds and lizards, thank goodness she never catches them!

It is nice having my youngest home with his girlfriend who is very nice.  They are very active, running, basketball, boulder climbing, keeping us all fit and active (fit as long as my heart doesn’t explode after 15min of b-ball).


Sorry it has been so long….

It has been a bit crazy around here……we are down to 4 of us here, my son and his wife moved out, they wanted their own place, plus my son only lasted a week before he broke down and got his wife a cute little black pug, of course, he told her she could get one but he gets to name him….so Seymour Butts is now his name…sigh…. that’s my boy!

While  I work on getting a cute pic of him, here is a new pic of the Mushu Menance all ready for Howloween!


We now have 3 fridges

2 in garage, 1 for each couple, plus the common one in Kitchen.  We may need another washer and dryer, we will see how it works out.

Right now son and wife on Honeymoon in England, Scotland and Ireland.  They are getting antsy to be on own I think after a few years here, but they have been able to get out of debt, pay off wedding, and take honeymoon, now they are saving for house.

Son and girlfriend are looking for jobs, his girlfriend got one the other day real close to home.  Expect them to be here a few years while they pay off school debt and save for house also.

I am lucky both girls are nice and help around the house.  It is nice to have a full house, but I am sure being on our own would be nice too, but I am in no rush to see them go.


Fuller House….no empty nest here

so, lets see, my youngest has come back from Montana with his girlfriend, plus my son and his wife live with us, so we went like this


(4) Mom, Dad, Son oldest, Son youngest-

(3) Mom, Dad, Son youngest – oldest gave 30 day notice (so I could cope) and moved out with friends = 1/2 empty nest

(5) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Girlfriend, Son Youngest –  had son and his girlfriend move back in , apartments he lived in, neighbor took machete to wife head, sorry Mama no can do with them living there, come on home!

(4) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Girlfriend – youngest son of to college in Montana, noooo, so far away for 2 years!  1/2 empty nest.

made a move to larger house just in time ……

(6) Mom, Dad, Son Oldest, Son’s Wife, Son Youngest, son’s girlfriend – oldest son married girlfriend, youngest graduated and came back home with girlfriend!

So now instead if an empty nest, we actually added to it!

We may get a year to on our own before my mom has to come live with us 😉




Damn cat……so she had mats

LOTS of them, she doesn’t like me to comb her, so it shard.  I have an appt. set up every 3 months to groom her…but we had to shave her down this time and I am NOT upset at all, since she horked a hairball in my sandal right before we left.




Damn cat, had to wash my feet and sandal!!!!

Not sure why they left the tail, like a duster 🙂


Got a new Fridge for my b-day :)

Soo, we have a fridge, it is old, but we didn’t realize it was 15 years old til we looked it up.

It has the push buttons for water, which have been broke for a while now, we have been living with it, but it has become too small for us and my son and his wife, plus my youngest is coming home (woot woot) with his girlfriend, and I was like….ok…time for a new fridge.

It is so nice, has much more space, old one was side by side, this one has freezer drawer on bottom.  Easier to see everything, will help with stuff getting pushed back and going bad.

Plus it was on a deal and we got 18 same as cash financing.  Bohya!