This learning curve is REdiCuLus….for a freaking stove

the top has four burners, 2 with 1 circle, 1 with 3 circles and 1 with 4 circles, you have to make sure your pot or pan completely covers a circle.

And you also have to turn the knob to the correct amount of circles and then the heat setting…I feel like I need to go to back to home ec!  Which I barely passed because either the teacher felt bad for me, or she didn’t want to have to deal with me again…either way I passed.

some pans conduct heat better then others, I found this out while making pancakes, one pan almost burned them super quick, while the other cooked them fine.

The stove is a little more complicated then the stove so far, everything cooked in there has actually been done per the instructions…no more having to cook longer or burnt food….yet


Doing my part for the Earth….

reducing food waste…one family at a time, but if I tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on, we might be able to make a real impact!

We shop weekly for fruit and veggies, and try to only buy what we need for that week

I will freeze fruit if it looks like it will go bad before we can eat it – for use later

Leftovers are used as dog food (as long as it is safe for them)

Then finally instead of throwing away fruit and veggie scraps in the trash I have started throwing it up on the Ivy.  No methane gas build up this way!

IMG_7017 IMG_7018

I don’t water this stuff, I totally ignore it, but it won’t go away, I am hoping some how all the fruits and veggies will take over the hill one day!

New addition to the familia – 8yr old shelter chihuahua

So far Iggy my blind diabetic dog knows he is here but can’t find him (he runs away, he is scared of my iggy), Rudder could really care less, and the cat is Pissed, Hee hee hee!

He is a lover and so small, only 5lb 8oz, we didn’t realize how small till we brought him home and realized how much smaller then our “small dogs” and cat he is.

He is currently sleeping in the spare rabbit cage till we figure out something better.


I am thinking an electronically challenged person

such as my self, buying a electronically controlled Stove might NOT have been the best idea.

It is embarrassing to have to read the manual to turn it on and the time, sheesh, and now I need to go to youtube to see about the convection conversion thing, because I READ the damn manual and followed it and it still doesn’t seem to be doing anything!

Uugghh…..on the plus side, once I figured out how most of this stuff works my cooking has been much better :)

There shouldn’t be a freaking learning curve on a Stove!!

Sometimes he can be a real arse!

I don’t get it, my husband and I know each others passwords for everything, v/m on cell phone, password to get in cell phone, passwords for emails, all the emails we have, facebook, we actually share a facebook page, so I have his friends, coworkers, family and my friends coworkers,, ect.  It is like ” hey do you know a so and so?  Is this your friend or mine?”

So it gets me fired up when he gets upset because I like to keep my phone clean.  I delete the phone logs, and messages, so only current is up front, I keep asking him, “you want me to show you before I clear it out?” he is like “you shouldn’t be clearing it out !”.

W  T  F  !!!!   Arsehole we have been married 30 years, we leave our phones out on the table (ok I do that because otherwise I would never hear or answer the phone and that is a whole “nother” story). He can at any time pick up my phone and go thru it , I don’t care.  He really annoys the crap out of me on this.

We all know I am electronically challenged, I need everything to be as neat and orderly as possible or who knows what would happen, therefore, I clear out old messages and calls.  Not only that, you can go in and find the stuff you have erased or cleared, I told him that, he is free to check… so yea he pissed me off about this…..and ok, he Doesn’t know about my blog, maybe he does, I have never told him and he has never mentioned it, I am allowed one place to blow off steam :)

7/23 —- it is what it is

Breakfast – 2 whole grain fruit pancakes

Lunch – bleeeetttthhhh –  I had to run some errands with the blind doggy, what a nightmare, so I ran thru Wiernerschnitzle to get a diet coke, I got a plain hotdog no bun for my baby and yes, ok, you got me, I say if your gonna do it go big, so I got a double bacon and chili cheese hotdog, you happy now?  I threw away all the wrappers before coming home and put my coke in a glass so I don’t get the 3rd degree for mr hubby! I am only human!

7/22 – back on the wagon

Banana for breakfast

Gentle Yoga 1 1/2

Lunch – I had a free 2 way meal from Panera, so I got it yesterday and put it in the fridge.  The Salad was kind of weak, so I added a home grown tomato and cucumber to the mix and it was fine.  Soup is still in fridge.

Snack – flax fudge muffin

Dinner – I bought some chick peas, but I had to lookup how to use them, one of them was a thai curry dish.  I had some Thai Sauce and some Thai rice so I just put that in a pan and added the chickpeas and wahlah…pretty good but had some heat had to add some tofu cream cheese to cool it down.  Had that with some flatbread crackers, celery, and tomato and cucumber salad.

Dessert – Jello with whipped cream

sometimes though, all the veggies make you “airy”…..


Ok, I don’t think I thunk this thru….trying saying that 3 times fast!

I got a new oven, my old one still had the coils for electric, it was here when we moved in 15yrs ago and it wasn’t new then!

This thing was so bad the heat would come up thru the burners, so if I wanted to warm buns I would lay them on the stove while the oven cooked.

The coils are lopsided and it is a pain to clean up, but at least I had the backup if something wasn’t that good that it was the Ovens Fault, it being so old and all that, now I have no one to blame if my cooking sucks!

S*^T, didn’t think of that before I got it.

7/21 – the past is the past :)

I am a flake, I admit it, I haven’t been doing a good job with the diary…although to be fair, I never do well with it on the weekends, usually too busy, they I can’t always remember to make up the missed days…

Breakfast – 3 small whole grain and fruit pancakes, went online to find a whole grain recipe because I had some grains but they were NOT good on their own as a cereal, mixed them up with some fruit jam I made (mango, peach, fig) first batch forgot the egg, but  think I like them best, came out cookie-ish.

Lunch – ok, you got me, 3 Jack In Box Eggrolls

Dinner – Veggie Grill, their BBQ Corn Rocks! had it with the BLAT (faux bacon tastes good in the sandwich, out of it no so much) with fries

Dessert _ NONE / Snack NONE – see lunch for reason why :)