Amsterdam 4/20 thru 4/23

Amsterdam was better then we expected!!! We booked our room thru Price-Line and got a great deal $182 US (if the dollar was stronger it would have been better). We stayed at the NH Schiller in the Rembrant Square.

We weren’t really sure were it was when we booked, but it was a perfect spot, the square had cafes, restaurants, park and 13 3d sculptures from one of Rembrants famous paintings. I guess it was supposed to be temporary but they are trying to keep them permanently.

We upgraded our room and we had a great view of the square and the park. FYI no screens and no air conditioning meant we also heard the revelry ALL night! They do know how to party! They were up until 4am. This was on a Sunday.

What is cool about Amsterdam is they know they party so most places open at 10am except on Mondays when they open later, those are my kind of working hours!!!


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