4/21 Amsterdam “Ice Cold Bar”

While still in the good ole US of A, we were looking for things to do and we saw the ICE Cold Bar.

You have to make reservations to get in, since everything is made of ICE, the chairs, tables, glasses, sculptures, walls, it was COLD but it was Great!

They only let up to 15 people at a time in and only for 45 minutes. The regular bar was cool, very retro. Then when it is time to go in they give you Parkas, Mittens, to use inside.

Your drinks are served in Ice Cups, very cool, there is music playing, lights changing and so people (not us) start goofing off, what you forget is oooh, outside they can see you goofin’ in the room.

So after we left the next group went in and it was like OMG, we can see them, so they could see us, here’s hoping none of us was pickin our nose or scatchin our butt!!!

Highly recommend the Ice Bar if you ever get out there!!!!


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