Keukenhof – The “Disneyland” of flowers!

4/22/8 Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam there are a few things you HAVE to do. Of all those things I can only talk about 1 (jk).

Since the flowers were in bloom and they are the biggest exporter of Tulips we figure we should see the fields.

This is a freaking HUGE area of flowers, (which are very pretty, but seriously how many flowers can you look at in a day???) There were lines to get in, YES, and when you first walk in their is a big Glockenspiel, and food, and further in a petting zoo, an on and on it goes!

It was our last day there, it took about an 1hr to get there and an 1hr to get back so we only stay an hour and probably only saw a 10th of it. Hint, go to BOLS, or indulge in one of Amsterdams other activities before going, it will be more fun.


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