4/28 Rome / Vatican

We went to “The” Vatican. It is pretty cool. If you walk past stones on the ground you are in the Vatican, you come back out you are in Rome.

There are tons of people trying to get you to sign up for their tours. They sounded pretty good but we aren’t tour type people.

So we ditched the tour, took some pictures and went back to the main part of Rome since we were leaving the next night for Paris via “Night Train” , that will be a WHOLE ‘nother post!

So we went back and that night we hit up one of the squares where the Night Life was happening to about 4am. That is where we met Valentino. He was cool. FYI, if you are planning a long trip the next day NOT a good idea to party real late the night before!

The whole Vatican thingy is weird, can you imagine the Mormons in Utah saying “OK, we have stacked our claim and if you pass this stone you are now in the Mormonian State?” that is basically what the Vatican is.


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