Rome 4/26-4/28

We left Venice and went to Rome via Train. It was about a 4hour trip. Our Hotel was right behind the Spanish Steps. It was very well situated for site seeing. We used Priceline again (gotta love that site!).

Rome is just WOW! It is big and old and just like you see on TV. We had the best weather of our trip there, bright & sunny with breezes. It was still pretty busy even though it was off season.

With all the sights to see we were actually surprised that one of the best sites we saw we had never heard of, the “Unknown Soldier” monument. They have police patrolling and you are NOT allowed to sit on the steps. However, you can sit on the Spanish Steps but not eat on them.

We saw all the major sites that you see on TV, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Musei Capitolini, the Forum,, the Pantheon. Rome is interesting because the some of the old stuff is right in the middle of the new stuff. It would be like finding a castle in the middle of Times Square!

They love there Piazza’s there, so do we. Big squares with small places to eat, drink and people watch. It was interesting there were people selling purses, watches, sunglasses ect, obviously they weren’t supposed to because the cops would come by and BOOM they would pick up their stuff and run! It took us a while to figure out what was going on but it happened enough we finally figured it out. (no we didn’t buy anything ;-( we weren’t fast enough) Piazza Navarro was our favorite!

We met Valentino on our last night there. He was from Czech but we was working in Rome because there wasn’t any work there. He spoke good English, he learned from his brother and watching our cartoons. He wanted to come to America but his visa had been denied. It was interesting to hear how it works for people to come over here. I guess it is pretty hard right


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