Days of our Alzheimers – Undo Influence

I talked with the DayCare provider, and as I thought Mxxx is the agressor in leaving the facility. Not only that but the attendants tend to encourage the relationship between her and my dad.

But it gets even BeTTer. The daycare provider gets there at 8am and sometimes she finds my dad in Maxxx Room or Mxxx in my Dad’s room!

Holy Shit Sherlock!

I called the facility and let them know I didn’t want them to encourage the relationship between the to. Seriously for my dad out of sight is out of mind and when she isn’t around he is fine. So they told me they would get the word around.

They did mention they are adding a Memory Ward but it won’t be done for 3 months so basically they want me to have the daycare giver there until then.

HeLlO. It cost around 3k a month for the facility and they charge 18hr for the day care provider who is there for 12 hours a day so lets see that is $216 a day, or 1512 a week or 6048 a month!!!

Are they freaking kidding me? We are almost out of money as it is and I have been waiting since April 2008 for the Va Vet benefits! aauugghhh


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