Days of our Alzheimer’s – Wandering

So, I get a call from the facility and they want to meet with me because it seems like my dad has started leaving the facility with Mxxxx and they are worried.

So I go down to talk to them, I let them know that my dad was NOT wandering until Mxxx got involved. He is a Lady’s man, if she want’s to go somewhere he isn’t gonna say no.

They seem to think he is instigating it, but when they ask him he doesn’t remember, he knows he can walk the parimeter only. And not only that the one attendant admited that when she was talking with my dad and Mxxxx was there she was like “Axx, don’t listen to her, lets go”. So they saw her agressiveness.

So I have had to hire a DAYTIME caregiver to stay with my dad from 8am to 8pm to watch him. I asked them to keep and eye out and see who is instigating what, because the home wants to move him to a lockdown facility which he DOESN”T need at this time.



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