Days of our Alzheimers – Naked & Demented at 80

Soo this am starts out sweLL!

I return a call from the daycare provider, and here is what happened:

When the caregiver got to my dad’s room at 8am Mxxxxx was there with NO clothes on! NO CLOTHES ON!!!!

So the caregiver tried to get her to put her clothes on and go back to her room and Mxxxxx goes crazy! Starts saying it is her room, telling them to leave and throwing my dad’s stuff out of the room.

Finally a facility attendent shows up and gets Mxxxx out of the room and to her own.

So of course my dad is late to breakfast and another attendant tries to give them shit for being late, it was the facilities fault, they are supposed to keep Mxx away!!!

Then they are questioning my dad “was mxxx there all night?” etc, hell my dad doesn’t remember!

So the daycare provider is looking into another facility, because they feel he can stay at that type no problem, mxxx is the issue making it harder on my dad.

I really need a DRINK!

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