I am being held against my will!

Ok, so here is the deal, in the end, I had to move my dad out of the current facility from his physco girlfriend.

So I got a referral from Alta (GREAT CO) for “A place for Mom” (another great co!). They will give you a list of facilities that meet your needs so you aren’t on the phone ForEver!

I really like one, it was close and more of a “home” atmosphere, but of course my dad was in his “ASS” phase so he while they were waiting for me he is all “I am being held here against my will”. Aauugghhh.

I explained to him again (yes I know but it is aggravating sometimes!) that he was basically being kicked out of his current place and that he needed to move. In the end we went to a like sized facility. He didn’t want the “home” feel, he felt it was too “old homish?!” he is 83 it IS and OLD timers home!

So we took him to visit the one he is in now, and his all like, “I don’t want to move, I want to talk to my lawyer!) aauugghhhh, of course while walking around he runs into a women from the other place and so it was ok afte that!

So we are now at the new place, which is actually nice, in fact my son helped to move him and he is all, “grampa can have my room and I will live here!), oh I don’t think soo.


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