It’s a SMALL world

For a lot of you who follow my blog, I post about my Dad and his alzheimers. Well a few weeks ago, I got a comment on one of the posts bitchin about D!!! from one of my DAD’s war buddies!

My dad is 83 he was in the war, his buddy was in the canadian army, he “googled” my dad and found my blog, he left me a comments looking for him.

So I sent him all the contact info for where my dad is, (his short term memory is gone, not his long term!) and my e-mail address.

His wife sent me an e-mail thanking me for the info and letting me know that her husband had gotten in touch with my dad! They were both very happy!

She is going to send me any pics she may have of them since I really don’t know much about my dad cause he didn’t raise me, or my sisters!

Talk about a small world, the bigger the net gets the smaller the world gets!

2 thoughts on “It’s a SMALL world

    • I guess Morely’s wife knew more of my dad’s family because we had a great aunt contact us also. Unfortunately my dad recently passed away, but at least he was able to reconnect to one of his best friends before the end. He is now resting in Arlington.

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