Emeritus at Brookhurst Warning

I have had to pull my dad from Emeritus at Brookhurst, for who have been following my blog I have had problems with this place.  Since he has been there from oct 2008 he has been in the hosptial 3 times and fallen twice.

He is currently in the hospital because he is dehydrated because they weren’t caring for him.  I have Alta Care go and look in on him and he was moaning in pain, I had to FORCE the facility to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

This has been an awful experience – I will fill you in on more detail but for now – DO NOT USE BROOKHURST AT EMERITUS


9 thoughts on “Emeritus at Brookhurst Warning

  1. Debby, I just rec’d a complaint from someone whose parent had multiple falls at this SAME FACILITY and then became dehydrated and had to go to the hospital. I’m interested in hearing more about your experience with your dad.

    • Dear James,

      My dad has since passed away. This facility doesn’t have enough staff. He wasn’t given his meds when he needed them. He was shoved in his room moaning in pain when my Other Care Giver (Alta Home Care, whom I HIGHLY recommend) got there, I had to force them to call the ambulance.

      It was awful, I have turned them into the state, called the paper on them (not sure if they are going to do a story or not). I would recommend getting the family Member out Immediately.

      You can contact “A Place For MOM” they will give you a list of facilities based on your requirements, reducing the legwork you have to do. I wish I would have found them sooner!

      Let me know if you need any contact names, numbers etc, I will be more then happy to send them to you.

      I hope your story ends better then ours!

  2. I just met with the lady whose mother got dehydrated while at Emeritus at Brookhurst. I now represent her, and we are going to file a case against this facility. We are not going to let them get away with this. You may be a good witness for us. I would like to talk to you if you are willing to speak to me about your experience. My phone number is on my website, which is http://www.lanzonemorgan.com. Thanks.

    • HI,
      I will get my files and give you some details on my dad’s series of awful events. Like I said I have called the state and complained. Not sure what else I can do. But I will give you all the info I have to try and keep the other patients safe and sound.

  3. Debby, You are not kidding about this place. I just got a SECOND client whose mom suffered falls and dehydration at Emeritus at Brookhurst. Both cases involve the same time frames (this year). What is going on over there?

  4. I am an employee at Emeritus at Brookhurst but will be putting my two weeks in tomorrow. I have had a miserable time working there. You are right they are understaffed which makes the ones there run around like crazy not being able to make it to everyone fast enough. This company only cares about someone when it affects them. The other caregivers and even upper level just say “if you believe them you will become crazy like them” I feel bad for half the residents there. IF you are able to take care of your loved ones then do it or find a private caregiver or a better place. I would also like to mention that for the amount of work required from us the pay and hours or horrific.

    • A, did you give your notice? Sounds like it’s a good move for you to leave. I just got another call against one of their facilities, again due to under staffing.

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