Slimshot – hmmm

Well after one week on the slimshot I haven’t really seen much difference. This is depressing since I have purchased some “FitFlops” and I have been watching what I eat and exercising more.

I have another week to go, we will see what happens but right now I would say – NO Buy on the SlimShot – fizzy tablets
(Do NOT get this product confused with SlimShots, completely different product)

3 thoughts on “Slimshot – hmmm

  1. To clarify, SlimShots is not a fizzy tablet. It is a “shot” about the size of a dairy creamer and can be taken alone or put into coffee, tea, yogurt or cereal to help you eat up to 30% all day. I believe the product you are referencing is Slim Shot and it is a beverage. When posting your experience on a product, please make sure you have the correct name so that similarly named products are not negatively impacted. SlimShots, our product, is a dietary supplement that helps you manage weight. It has been clinically proven and has 7 peer-reviewed and published clinical trials on its active ingredient. These trials can be seen in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY, the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OBESITY, and the SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY. Our product, SlimShots, is as wholesome as the food on your table and works with your body’s natural processes to help satisfy your hunger and feeling full. Thank you!

    • Dear Robin,
      Thanks for your comment, I have taken the (s) off the review(s).

      However, I did state they are the “Fizzy” Drink tablets, and I explained about the 3 different flavors to be taken at different times during the day.

      I did this to lessen any confusion between the “Fizzy Drink” and your product.

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