Wei East Works!

As you all know I try a lot of stuff, so I am watching  HSN ’cause I can’t sleep lately and I see this pretty good deal on Wei East Facial Care.

For $30 you get 3 sets in their own little bags.  I choose them because I wanted the Chestnut Instant Lifting Serum for going out and other types of the same stuff sell for ohhh…. $50+, so I figured what did I have to lose!

I watched the whole program on a bunch of the other items…blah…blah…blah.

So I get the stuff and the first thing I did was try the Lift Serum and hey, it did fill in the lines pretty darn good, they aren’t completely gone, but hey…. if you are close enough to see ’em you better by my husband!!

Before bed that night I figured what they heck, and put on the Golden Root Renewal Nightly recovery Cream (ok now say THAT 3 times fast!), what is supposed to happen is it fixes your skin while you sleep, my biggest concern was tightness and pain.  None of which happened.

I can tell you that I am completely surprised…. happily that the stuff freakin works!  I woke up the next day looking pretty good.  The redness on my chin and cheeks was gone and the redness on my nose and above my brows dimished.

So I can give a thumbs up to those two products.  I will tell you how the rest work as I use them, I got 9 – (3) sets of 3.  Plus the pretty bags which most likely will be going on ebay soon 😉

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