The loss of a pet…

My mom had to put down her golden retriever “Max” the other day.   They had him for over 10 years, but he was old and had cancer, he had large lumps that couldn’t have been comfortable.

Still, even though you know it is coming it is hard.  I haven’t actually talked to her yet.  I got a text that stated “had to put Max down last night” and a voicemail from my aunt frantic because she hadn’t been able to get in touch with my mom.

So I texted her that my mom had to put down the dog, then I texted my mom that my aunt was worried about her and so was I and was there anything she needed and it got this text “no”.

I know how upset I was when I lost my Dempsey so I have given her some space.  I did talk to my dad, he said he talked to my aunt and I know my mom texted her….but she still isn’t ready to socialize.

I did try calling to day but no answer…..


One thought on “The loss of a pet…

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