Madonna Inn

Letter to Madonna Inn….let’s see how they respond

Dear Madonna Inn,

 We have always wanted to try out your Inn.  We were driving up the coast and decided to stay on May ??, we stayed in the lower level rock room, it had rock floors, walls and shower.

 We found the room to be very cool and just as described.  We did feel the bathroom was a little on the small side as the room seemed to have been big enough to enlarge somewhat. 

 That being said the shower was still big enough for two and in the am when the sun shown thru the red window it was very nice.

Now the Madonna Inn is know for being a “romantic” inn, so we were a little disappointed in the bed, both for it’s lack of comfort and quiet.

We very much enjoyed the lounge area, the music was good and the waitress very nice and the cake…hUmungous!

 Overall I would have rated our visit at a 9 except for one very BIG problem.  Since this is a “romantic” Inn and one expects since you don’t have to checkout until 12 that some would “need” to sleep in fairly late, however, at 7:30 in the AM some type of construction was started, it sounded like people were moving furniture on the roof for over 1 hour.

 Needless to say this means I woke up earlier then I wanted to and in a seriously annoyed state, which I must say reduced all my other pleasure with my stay.

 It seems hard to believe that no one knew there was going to be construction going on the next day and I feel at check-in it should have been stated so that we could have had the choice to pick that room or a different one that would not have to endure the racket in the morning.

 Thus a stay that really should have rated a 9 has been reduced to a 5 as I feel the price I paid for the room was very high for what I had to deal with in the morning.



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