OMG, I’ve become my MOM!

Remember (ladies, probably not you guys) when you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without your makeup and hair done? I remember when I lived at school, I wouldn’t even go to the grocery store without being done up, one of the cutest guys in school worked there!

In college same thing and in early years of marriage I wasn’t going out unless I was looking good! Ie hair/makeup done.

Something happens as you get older, it just isn’t quite SOO important. Now don’t get me wrong, we go out on the town and I make sure I am looking good! As the song says “I as good ONCE as I ever was” I just ain’t got the energy to be that good all the time.

Now over the years I still make sure my hair is done (kind of) and make-up is hit or miss (but a lot of the girls here do the same thing) cause if it is a toss up between hair/makeup or sleep, sleep wins hands down!

Now none of this really bothers me, but yesterday a line was crossed! I came home, got in my nighty/sweats and was relaxing but my son wanted me to take him to the gym, ok not to bad, just drive him there, and back. However; half way there I realize I am low on gas, still ok, there is a station right by the gym, drive-up put in my card gas up and go.

But noooooo, the stupid machine wouldn’t take my card so I actually went inside the VERY well lighted AM/PM with no make, my hair a mess and the topper???? In my nighty sweats, OH MY GAWD, I have become my mom! How freaking embarrassing is that, and the worst? I got my self a drink and gas and was on my way, I didn’t care, screw’em, I am married.

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