Limit it to (1) ONE

Seriously people, the reason they have the little tasting cups at yogurt stores is so that if you see A (1) new flavor you are interested in you can try it without buying a whole one and deciding you don’t like it.

They are not there for you to try flavor after flavor to have you only in the end get the flavor you were going to get in the smallest cup you can. We aren’t stupid, you are trying to get something for nothing, all the while wasting my time and their money.

The worst I saw was the other day where you get your own yogurt, this couple was seriously there for 15 min thinking they were sooo smart reusing the sample cup over and over again.

Your are pathetic. Go home, if you can’t afford it don’t come and try and steal it, you totally ruin the the place by hovering over the yogurt like vultures!


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