B of A another credit casualty

Well it happened again, another CC, with no late payments, no past dues, always paying MORE then the minimum due…and of course they reduced my credit line.

Now I really wouldn’t care since I ain’t using it, however, when they lower it to what you owe it lowers your credit score because they base on your credit lines vs usage.

So know instead of having a bunch of credit cards with low balances it looks like I have a bunch of credit cards maxed out, not because I can’t control my credit but because they have all chosen to lower my lines.

At some point, if they lower my credit score enough, I am just going to say FUCK IT and stop paying ’em all. Not like they will be able to screw my credit much more then they already have.

NO worries though, my kids don’t have credit cards, I won’t let them get any, they have no school loans and they will be giving the credit card companies the big FU.

When we are all paid off, I am never using one again.


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