Chase what matters – Respect

I warned ’em. You keep treating your customers like crap and we will leave. So I closed my Chase Account a few days ago. BooYAH!

The lady is all….”can you tell me why your want to close your account” here is what I said ” Yes, I will tell you, I have had your card for a few years now, I always pay on time and I always pay more then the minimum amount, a few months ago I paid off half my balance and then you sent me a letter saying you had reduced my credit line to 800 dollars, that low of a credit line is worthless to me and so I am closing this account and taking my business else where.”

Needless to say she had no come back except “thank you, your account is now closed.”

Chase what matters my arse, if you wanted my business you would treat me accordingly, so screw you, I am moving all my business to Discover, one of the few companies worth keeping. So Discover what matters….being treated like they actually value your business!


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