Ebay asshole…YOU know who you are

I should have known from the start that this sale was NOT going to go well…next time I will just cancel it at the beginning, here is the whole painful freaking saga…

Ebayer email AFTER he has won the item 8/21/10

“I want the version 4.0.1 as you described. I don’t want 4.0.2 let me know what the version is on the phone now. And I do not want you upgrade the phone if it still on 4.0.1. Please let me know so i could make the payment ,,,Thank you.”

(Ok, it as described it is 4.0.1 why are you asking again????)

ME 8/21/10

The Phone is 4.0.1 .. please remit payment so I can ship on monday.

Ebayer: 8/21/10

Hi I send the payment. Can u tell me when u gonna ship the item , if u cud give me the tracking number,,, after u shipped. Also if u cud leave me a good feed back. Thanks a lot.

(dude, do you even read the e-mails, I said I would ship on Monday)

ME 8/21/10

Will ship on Monday once payment is received.

Ebayer 8/23/10

Hi I’m just wondering did u send the item yet. If so plz gve me the tracking number.

ME 8/23/10

shipped today 420 xxxxx 91×5 1xxxx 8xx0 0xxx

Ebayer 8/23/10

i tried to track the item with the nummber you provide,,,but i cant find any information about the shipment in usps.com ,,,,,let me know wats goin wrong ,,,,

ME 8/23/10

I just mailed the package today, probably isn’t in the system yet

ME 8/23/10

Delivery Date:Aug 25, 2010

Ebayer 8/24
Hi I got the tracking info today. Yesterday wen i tried I didn’t
get the info. Anyway thanks a lot.

Ebayer 8/25

Hi I just received the phone,, and I’m not happy with it because it has a crack on the base and dust ( a lot ) under the screen. I bought it as a gift. I would like to get the refund ,, because it’s not as u described ,,, so please let me get my money back. Thanks
(start of a complete and utter fiasco)

ME 8/25
I am sorry you are not happy with the phone. I described it to the best of my ability and do not remember a crack being anywhere on the phone. However, I will request the transaction be cancelled, you will need to agree to it. Once that is done and I have received the phone back I will confirm the complaint and refund your money. Please send the phone back priority mail as shipped so we can process ASAP.

I then cancelled the transaction thru ebay….8/25

Email from EBAY 8/25
The buyer, rinchu, has rejected your request to cancel the transaction for (#270623092102) . As a result, you will not receive a Final Value Fee credit for this transaction. Please complete this transaction with the buyer.

ME 8/25
I immediately did the cancel transacation, however, you have refused it. I am unable to process anytype of refund with out cancelling the transaction and getting the phone back.

Ebayer 8/25
Hi I am sorry I do not want to cancel the transaction. If I do it i won’t have any proof for the transaction. I paid you the money before I get the phone. So please send the money back and I will ship the item in priority mail with tracking and insurance. Other wise I will let eBay or paypal handle this case. Please don’t take it the wrong way. Thankyou
(ohhhh I don’t think soooo!! Neither does ebay)

ME 8/25
We can cancel the transaction after I have received the phone and you have received your refund, No problem. I cannot refund any money until I receive the phone back. You need to send it priority mail like I sent it to you. Both Paypal and Ebay will insisit that the item be returned before a refund can be sent. It is up to you how you want to handle this.
(this is where you can tell the person is trying to scam me, however, from my blog you have probably noticed I won’t take no shit)

At this point I called ebay to go on file that I thought this ebayer was trying to pull a scam and I wanted it noted on my file, and of course I keep ALL my emails as you can see.

Ebayer 8/25

How about giving me $60 back and we solve the problem, because I’m gonna loose money shipping the phone back to you. Thank you

ME 8/25

I am unable to give you a partial refund, please return the phone and I will give you a full refund

Ebayer 8/25

Hi it’s really stressing me out. If you could atleast give me a partial refund we could get over with this mess. Even eBay itself says that don’t cancel transaction until I get the money back. That’s the reason why I decline the transaction ,,, anyway if nothing gets workout then let paypal deal with this case. Thankyou

Me 8/25

I am sorry you are stressed out, as stated before I am unable to give a partial refund for this item. We have two options…1) You return the phone to me and I will issue a Full credit 2) You keep the phone and I will consider the deal complete.

Ebayer 8/25

im sorry,,,,how do i send the phone back before i get the money back,,what surety i have,,,,so i only send the phone back if you could pay the money ,,,or let paypal or ebay deal with it,,,its not my fault that you didnt describe the item right way,,,thank you

(ok asshole I described it perfectly, there is nothing wrong, you want some money back and think I will cave by threatening me by going to ebay or paypal, go ahead and go, there will tell you the same thing, send it back and then you get your money, NOT before)

Me 8/25
as stated before I am unable to give a partial refund for this item. We have two options…1) You return the phone to me and I will issue a Full credit 2) You keep the phone and I will consider the deal complete.

Ebayer 8/31

Cancels transaction

ME 8/31

I agree to cancellation

Then nothing … I don’t here anything from the customer and then on 9/15 I get this because I had to escalated the claim for closure:

We’re sorry there was a problem with this transaction. After reviewing the case, we made a final decision in the buyer’s favor.

This case was decided in the buyer’s favor.

The buyer has been asked to return the item to you. Once tracking shows the item has been delivered to you, the buyer will be issued a full refund.

So they froze that money on my paypal account So I sent Ebay the following e-mail 9/15

History of this account
> 8-25 customer says the item isn’t as described – I offer to cancel the

> transaction and refund money
> 8-25 I cancel transaction
> 8-25 customer declines the cancel transaction and tries to get a
> refund
> 8-31 customer opens case to cance transaction
> 8-31 I agree to cancel transaction AGAIN and wait for item to be
> returned
> 9-1 paypal takes my $200 from account
> 9-12 I call ebay and state that this case is still open, that the
> customer HASN”T sent the item back yet, what is my next step, I am
> to Escalate the case
> 9-14 I get notification that the case has gone in favor of the buyer
> and they should be returning the item
> 9-16 I sent a response to this taking issue with the length of time I
> don’t have with my item or my money
> 9-17 on hold currently for over 5 min
> The customer has had over 17 days to return the item and it hasn’t
> happened yet.

Ebay 9/20

As I have reviewed the case, youe buyer still has time to send the
> to you. If after the deadline and you still havent received the item,
> the case will be closed and the hold on your PayPal account will be
> removed.

Me 9/20
Thank you for your reply, however, I have a question, how long does the
customer have to return the item?

The customer has had since August 31st to return the item, that is 20
days. How much longer do I have to wait?

Ebay 9/22

I have fully reviewed the case and I understand that you are asking how
long will you wait for the item to be returned to you. And as I have
checked the case it was just recently escalated and a tracking number
was just recently uploaded as well so the process is we will give the
buyer 10 days to return the item to you from the item that the tracking
number was uploaded however if the tracking number shows that is not
updated after 10 dayswe will absolutely take action on the case.


eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision.

We decided not to issue the buyer a refund. You don’t need to do anything else for this case. The hold on this PayPal transaction has been removed. This case is closed.

This case has been decided in your favor.

You can also view the details of this case in the Resolution Center.


7 thoughts on “Ebay asshole…YOU know who you are

  1. I’m glad it finally resolved in your favor. We had something similar happen some years ago and also received negative feedback, even though eBay deleted that person’s account! So many things were going on to make dealing with eBay such a hassle that we finally opened our own online store. We don’t sell on eBay anymore and haven’t for several years.

    I found you on ExposeYourBlog.

  2. I’m a professional ebayer and we have the most stupid customers – they will not read a description – even if it is giant sized in bright red highlighted in yellow. We sell vintage postcards so we are very careful with detail. One lady complained because she had measured her postcard and it was 1 millimeter short.

    EBay do seem to fall on the side of the buyers

  3. Ughhhhh I so feel your pain. I thought I was going to get rid of some extra junk in the house to get ready to move, but it’s been one big headache. I too would love to know where the heck the seller protection policies are. The way the post office does business is an entirely different rant. I’m so done with eBay.

  4. I’m glad that the issue has been resolved in your favor, sorry it took so long though!

    I’m with Dirty Butter, buy a domain name, get a host and put up your own storefront. There are great ways of getting it out there that you are there, and your customers will find you! eBay started out great, but like all things, has gone way down the tubes, and is rapidly getting worse!

    PayPal, for the most part still remains OK, but it has it’s moments as well… (PayPal, to me, is the best online paying system there is though…)

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