Going vegatarian

I think I have slowly been going vegetarian over the years.

I am now making an effort to eat less meat. I will never go vegan, cause I don’t see the difference between milking the cow and harnessing it up and making it hoe your rows.

I will eat eggs, cheese, diary products ect. I am just lowering my meat intake.

I thought, hmmm, how hard is this going to be…turns out not very…as I said I don’t really eat a lot of meat anyway.

So, lets see, what did I get the other day.

AM – ginormous egglet – from the Skinny Girl – eggs, tomotoe, cheese, milk – Meat NADA

Snack – hummus and carrots

Lunch – brocoli and cheese frozen meal… meat nada

snack – cottage cheese and strawberries

Dinner – greenbeans and pototoes …meat nada

desert – yam muffins (see prior post on how that happened)

This was a normal day, didn’t go out of my way not to eat meat.


4 thoughts on “Going vegatarian

  1. We’re not Vegetarian, either, but we’ve cut way down on our meat consumption over the last few years. I have to have a high anti-oxidant diet, due to a Neurological Disorder and Diabetes, which naturally lends itself to more fruits and vegetables in our diet, with as many raw ones as possible.

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    • Do you use any faux meat products? I like tofu myself, but sometimes the veggie burgers have onions and pepper in them…ewww. me no likey.

    • We stopped putting meat in our spagetti sauce years ago and now that is the way our kids prefer it. We hardly eat any red meat, mostly chicken, but slowly moving away from it all. Also don’t have to worry about meat borne illness!

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