Retire Early and Enjoy Life

I used the following charts – I put in sampole numbers – Just replace with your numbers

The first Calculation is what am are you going to owe on your home & credit line vs what you are going to sell to sell your home for plus what are you going to need for a new place to live.

625000 sell house
-185000 owe on House
-65000 owe equity line
-192000 new place
183000 retirement funds from sale of house

Second Calculation is what do you think you will have in the 401k when you retire? Use your current balance, divide by the years invested, and times by the years left to come up with an approximate.

150000 Current 401k Bal
15 years invested
10000 contributed yearly
10000 ave yearly increase
9 Years til retire
90000 increase by retirement
240000 retirement funds


2 thoughts on “Retire Early and Enjoy Life

  1. We both retired early, although I did draw a pension immediately. But our house was already paid for, with no credit bills, and we have no intention of moving. We do plan to make our home more handicap accessible when we can.

    I “ran the numbers” before we retired, too!

    Good for you!

    I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

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