Just say no to gas :-)

It seems like gas prices keep going up again. Now if you are like me there is no way I can get to work except by car. I live over 20 miles and 2 freeways away.

However, when I get to work, I try go places that I can walk or ride my bike to. I have an extra bike I brought to work (couldn’t sell it for what it was worth).

So instead of getting in your car for your break, walk or ride. A lot of people giving a little effort can amount to a BIG change.

Not only can we reduce our gas usage, but our polluting of the environment and I am reducing my bUttocks 🙂


8 thoughts on “Just say no to gas :-)

    • The bike at work helps to get me out of my office and stop the “spread”…. now if I could just reverse the spread I would be happy!

    • I wish I could ride to work…my goal is working at Target…it is right down the street. I would need to ride my bike cause it would be close but mostly cause there is no trunk so I couldn’t SHOP all the time 🙂

      I know one of my husband’s coworkers bikes to work about 5 mi a day.

  1. I only drive my car to work and home, luckily grocery stores are less that half a mile from my work and the highway to get home is just outside of the store parking lot, so if I need to go to a store I do it after work. I do occasionally have to drive other places if I’m going hiking in the summer but I’ve been cutting back on hiking due to high gas prices.
    Wish they’d just lower the damn price already, but I doubt that will ever happen. We’ll probably see $5 per gallon in the near future. That’s going to really kill my wallet.

    • Luckily I have a Mini Cooper, it gets 31.5 MPG, had to give up my Tahoe a few years ago, it only got like 15mpg and since my work rt is almost 40miles couldn;t afford to work if I kept it.

      Hiking is good for you, need to see if you can find some friends who like to hike to and carpool so you don’t have to give it up. 🙂

  2. I don’t have a bike anymore, but many times I wish I did. When I had it I rode to work every day, about 2 miles to the ferry, then another two miles after the ferry ride to work. LOVED it! Where I live now, though, I’m not sure I would ride the bike on the streets. They are too narrow, and the people drive rather stupidly. Add to that, it is pretty hilly here, and I live on top, or about 3/4s of the way up a hill… Not fun coming home UP hill, now if I could come home down hill, that might change…


    • You need to do what I did, get an Electric Bike…It has Pedal Assist (I still have to pedal, but I get more power from the motor) I can make it up the hills without passing out 🙂 Always a good thing!

      Now about the stupid drives…haven’t come up with a remedy for that yet..I bike on the sidewalks..just waiting for a ticket, cause I will ask the judge…so how many pedestrian/bike fatalities have there been….what ZERO…lets compare that to the car/bike fatalities….yea that is what I thought!

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