Revisiting MPG extending Tips – with gas on its way up

I posted some money / gas saving tips in the past, but I figured, I would repost with additional tips seeing as the price of GAS just keeps going up, uP, UP!!!!

These may seem like no brainers, so will not be a real big savings, but they add up!

  • Park in the shade!  Gas is a liquid and will evaporate in heat
  • Tint your windows! The cooler it is inside the less you will use your a/c
  • Use the car coolers that that go in your windshield when you park! Keep your car cool
  • Close unused AC vents! If you drive alone alot, turn off all vents except your own..
  • If you live in a hilly area…Coast down hill!  I coast about 5mi @ way to work
  • Check  your tire pressure!  Underinflatted tires use more gas
  • Bike, Walk, Carpool when you can

If anyone has additional tips please feel free add them!


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