I was happy in my Rut

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I have been at my current job for 15 years this april. I know how lucky I am to have a job, even though I had my pay cut by 10% 2 years ago, and we haven’t had any bonus’ to speak of for those 2 years which cut my pay by another 10%.

My husband has been at his current job for over 17 yrs, and we know how lucky we are he kept his job even though he had to take a pay cut of 15% and saw bonus’ disappear also for another cut of at least 15%.

We were didn’t over extend our selves in the house market, and we saw the signs coming so we have cut and trimmed and scaled back as much as we could, while still paying off our obligations and putting 2 boys thru college. And as most of you know who follow..I have been amping up my coupon usage and other ways to get free gift cards for food, groceries, dining out ect.

So since our 25yr anniversary is coming up we thought we might take a trip out of the country, we have been saving and scrimping and I have lots or rewards points saved up so it would be reasonable.  This is why I constantly tell ya all, sign up for EVERYTHING, it pays for the few minutes it takes!

Since we keep delaying it, we took a few days off for vacation, and on my first vacation day I get a call from the president of the company and the owner of the company, letting me know that the company is being SOLD!!! and hello, there is a meeting the next day at 8:30 to meet the potential owners..so on my second vacation day, instead of heading to the coast I head to work and do the meet and greet, then I leave for my “vacation” which at this point has become a moot point, kinda hard to enjoy yourself when you are worrying about having a job.


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