I need A Vacation after my Vacation

World Travel

Vacations – a relaxed fun filled time…it is NOT supposed to be so fast and furious that you need a vacation when you get home.

But that is exactly what ours are. An example, last years Thailand/Hong Kong trip.

We left on 10/27/12 we got there on 10/28/12 –

Get to hotel
Go to Wat Arun
Go To Wat Pho

Go to Ayutthaya Historical Park
Go to Elephant Kral see more Ayutthaya
Go To Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol

Go to Floating market
See more Elephants
Go To Tiger Temple (Booyah baby! highly recommend)

Go to Imperial Palace
Go to Golden Mount

In between the Go To’s, we checked out Bangkok, fish pedi, street markets, we were there for Halloween it was different.

Go to Airport
Get to HK and start all over!! Auugghh


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