Extend time between Hair Salon Visits

While I may be on a budget, I still need to look good 😉 I tend to get grey hair mostly at the sides of my face. Here is how I know it is time to do something about the grey

Husband “owww” grabbing his neck
Me, worried “what’s wrong?!”
Husband “my bolts are coming out!” (smart arse!)

Because my grey is at the sides, he says it is like Frankenstien’s Bride (thus the neck bolt reference)


What I have found helps to extend the time between salon treatments, I buy the same color at Target and savvy shopper that I am I got (3) boxes while they were on sale for $2.98 each plus I got a $5.oo GC back for buying 3 at a time. (that’s right I am the queen of the deal!)

I put it on the grey on my sides first, then thru the ends, then the roots, then thru the rest of my hair. This gives me about another month before I have to go back to the salon. So instead of every 3 months I go every 4 to 5 months and still look good and save cash for other things.


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