Shave down the cost of Shaving

Razors, we all hate ’em but we all need to use them. Per my hubby, shaving his face everyday is a pain and he needs a sharp razor. (poor baby, try shaving all the places women need to shave buddy!).

So I have found a way to reduce the costs of razors, #1 stop buying those cheap ass disposable razors ladies they suck!!!

We bought 2 of the pro-glide fusion razors, when he feels his blade is no longer sharp enough for his face he puts it on my razor, because believe me it is still sharp enough for my legs.

Every time he changes his razorblade it goes to me and mine goes into the trash. These better razors stay sharper and don’t rust. Your money goes twice as far and your legs stay smooth!

Another thing, stop buying “shaving cream” for your legs, jeezzz, it is all a marketing ploy. I use my shampoo it works just as well. I save money and I have fewer bottles in my bathroom.


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