ok, here we go again…..hopefully no plantacide by black thumb this time :)

If you have been following my blog, or if you continue to follow, you will find that I have been cursed with a “black thumb” 😦 which seems weird since my grandpa had a freaking garden in our backyard when I was growing up, Corn, carrots, radishes, strawberries, watermelons, cucumbers, you name it he grew it.

I tried Hydroponic growing, blhehhh, I guess if it aint “grass” it aint growing, complete failure, which again I don’t understand because I got them to sprout, but then they all died 😦 My topsy turvy did grow some tomatoes, but then these GIGANTIC UGLY ASS WORM at the whole damn plant (bastards!)

I recently got all excited when I saw the “growables” by Miracle grow, basically a pod you put in the ground and it has everything it needs to sprout. So I dug up an area in my backyard where nothing was growing (this could be a bad sign, I know, but I am crossing my fingers.) I turned it over once a week for a few months, adding compost materials (fruit, tea leaves, and miracle grow potting soil. Then my husband was going to have one of the boys buy the Growables for me for my birthday, but nooooo, they don’t ship to CA. WTF!!!!

So today, we were at home depot and I found some veggies already growning in compostedable pots. You basically take off the bottom and sides and put in the bottom of the hole then you but the rest of the plant (pot and all) in the hole then put dirt around it water and then for me at least (cross my fingers!) so it continues to grow!

I got a cherry tomato plant (it already has some green small tomatos starting) cucumber and strawberry plant. I am hoping these have better luck. Here are my pics. Any hints on how to help them flourish would be appreciated, especially how to get the GUAW’s away.


I hope they grow!

I hope they grow!


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