Reduce your Diet Drink Intake for Better Health and Wallet

There are a couple of reasons to reduce the amount of Soda, Pop, Soda pop, Coke, Cola, Pepsi, whatEver you call it.

It is expensive and going up

it is not good for you

I found out I had Ostopenia, this is a milder for of Osteporosis (when I was 40!!) I found out that one of the meds I was taking tends to block absorption of calcium and that when you drink diet drinks it leeches what calcium you have and you pee it out. Oh and on top of that calcium supplements make me ill. Woo Hoo for me.

So I switched from Diet Coke to Tea and Water. Now this was huge, I didn’t like tea, and water..meh. I found out that I do like tea if it is flavored, so I go to Teavana and get sample the teas they have out and if I find one I like, I buy the smallest about and then I make my Iced tea and the flavored tea and mix them together. Yummy and good for you.

I also stopped the meds, because the choice was, feel nauseous some mornings or break a hip when I get older. I think I will skip the broken hips thank you very much!

I try and get my calcium from the source, cheese, yogurt, milk, ect.

So when I got retested…wait for it…..I no longer have Ostopenia, thats right, my bones were denser. I have to go again and get tested, wonder what it will show.

The silver lining of not working is that I am no longer stressed so much so my stomach doesn’t bother me as much so I don’t need to take the meds that were messing with the calcium absorption which also reduces the money I have to shell out every month. (happy dance and Tea toast here)

Did I cut out diet coke altogether, NOPE, but I cut it way done which has increased my health and increased my pocket book. And so far my ass hasn’t gotten any bigger 🙂


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