Cancel the Gym and still get in Shape

Cancel the gym membership, yes I know you need to be healthy, but there are inexpensive ways to do it:

Walk your dogs (if you have them) not only that, have kids, bring them along, this way the whole family has some together time and can get healthy in a fun way

Somewhere in your house is a gaming system, USE IT. We just cancelled our membership and got the NikeFit game. It is kicking my arse! I am lazy and hate to sweat (knowing your weakness helps you improve;) and I can find reasons not to go to the gym. We bought the game, on sale for $25 less then one months membership for one of us.

Now I have no excuse, I do it EVERYDAY when I get up before I do anything else. Have kids? There are great games that get them moving that will keep them engaged and getting healthy without them realizing it.

Have kids and out of work? Is there school close? WALK with them to school. Walking means no gas (save money) and exercise (no cost) and get to spend time with your children (priceless:)

While being out of work can suck, try and take advantage while you can, spend more time with your family, friends, get out and find yourself. I am finally getting all those doctor appointments I kept putting off. I am getting in shape. Eating better(& cheaper) because I eat a home. I am going to be in great shape by the time I go back to work 🙂


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