Tea Loves You Baby

I try and drink tea instead of soda, as most of ya already know:) But how do I get the most bang for my buck?! Well, I use a combo of stuff. Today I make 4 qts of tea, using 2 lipton tea bags, I lipton instant tea and some strawberries and cuties.

I don’t like my tea super sweet or fruity and I try and not use sugar. The Instant tea says add to 1 qrt of water, aaauuugggghhh way to sweet. So I make my 2qt lipton bags, then add the instant tea, and then using the SAME bags, add another 1qt. Then I add Ice and Fruit and a big pitcher of tea all for Me!

Easy, good tasting, low cal, low carb, and low price! Seems like a win/win/win to me.

I changed from the Pomogrante to the Peach and Apricot because it goes better with the fruit I had. This fruit was on the edge of ripe, so instead of throwing it away (u no how I hate food waste) I use it in my tea. When the Fruit is done, I then go out and throw it in the dirt where I hope to garden one day. (cheap mans composte!)

You can also reuse loose tea. Once I have steeped it, I will dry it out, add 10% fresh and 10% less water and reuse it. Depending on the type it can be used a couple of times.


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