Breast Cancer could this be Cause & Effect?

First let me say I am NOT a Dr, Phd, ect.I also do not think that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. However, I can’t help but wonder if they can make worse an propensity for breast cancer.

Let’s think about this a moment, Women get most of the Breast Cancer in the world, Women shave their pits, men do not. When women put on deodorant it goes directly on their skin, when men put it on, they have hair that is a barrier between the deodorant and their skin.

Also you sweat because your body is hot or it needs to get rid of toxins, therefore causing the sweat to stay in your body, close to a lymph node where a lot of cancers start can’t really be a good thing over the long run.

While I don’t advocate ditching the deodorant and becoming a “stinky” person, you may want to take deodorant “vacations” IE weekend and you aren’t doing anything or seeing anyone. Skip the deodorant. Working in the yard, skip the deodorant, it is just you and the bugs, who knows that might be a great repellant (au natural).

Going to Hot Yoga, DON’T wear deodorant, the whole reason you go is to sweat!

Again I don’t think that deodorant itself causes breast cancer, but I think it may exacerbate an already pre-disposition.

Here is a link to what is in antiperspirants/deodorant that you may find enlightening.


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