I made Blackberry Jam…I think ;)

As you know I am trying to cut all artificial ingrediants, fills, perservatives. What good is organic if it is filled with all that stuff!!

So I did a search and found out that Apples can be used for pectin, as they have pectin and back in the day you couldn’t “buy” pectin.

I had an apple from Panera Bread, I watch my carbs so instead of getting bread or chips I get the apple and take it home.

I had some butter pats from the last time we went out to breakfast. (yes I take them home with me)

And some blackberries that were going to go bad before I could eat them all.

I recently saw on a show where they were making jam also using butter, apples and the fruit so I figured “I can do that” and I did.

I threw in some flax seed while I was at it to add some fiber. It is sweet and tasty. Didn’t make much though.


Also not sure if I was supposed to peal the apple or not, but it all tastes good so that is what matters 🙂


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