Togetherness or being smothered???

I love my hubby, I really do, we have been together 28 years in august. So he does a lot right.

However, I have been off work since Jan and I finally have a schedule down, doing pretty good. He had to take his vacation this week, because of somethings going on at his work.

So we went to Vegas for a few days, but we had to stay home for the rest… He is driving me CRAZY!!!! Being together 24/7 is had work….auughh he is worse then a baby.

He needs to get a hobby, I will be soooo happy when Football starts back up again, sometimes being a sports widow is a good thing!

I am telling you if this is what retirement will be like that man is never going to retire because I couldn’t take it. He will be dead and I will be in jail and I am too small and cute to be in jail, I will be someones “girlfriend” before I finished getting booked!!!

I will be so happy when he goes back to work on Monday, longest freaking vacation I have ever had!!


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