Organic vs NonOrganic is not the question

Organic food full of preservatives and additives is just as bad.

Think of all the food problems lately that were never an issue:

No Peanut Butter Sandwiches at schools because of allergies & Gluten Intolerance are just two that stand out.

Think about all the artificial ingrediants in our foods that aren’t allowed anywhere else in the world, then look at our food problems and weight issues…hmmm no one see a connection?

In the US big companies are more interested in their profits then the consumers health. The only way to change is to stop buying their products. YOu can see the change happening already. More and more items with out artificial colors and additives.

So the question is …. is my food free from poisons (fertilizers and pesticides) and artificial ingrediants and preservatives. I don’t think humans where meant to eat petrol based products. they may be good for cars but not bodies.

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