What is your Ideal weight??

What is an “Ideal Weight”? I think your “Ideal Weight” needs to be a moving target that starts with height and bone structure and then adjusts based on age, and medical history. As you age, when you have children, your body changes.

To say there is ONE weight for everyone of the same height regardless of the rest is just foolish. And obviously with the rise of anorexia, bulimia and other eating orders, it is also dangerous and destructive both physically and emotionally.

My “Ideal Weight” is 115lbs, my “Goal Weight” is 130lbs. An unrealistic, unhealthy potenially mental angish inciting weight is 100lbs. I am old enough and realistic enough to take this “Ideal Weight” with a grain of salt, but what about the girls in their teen and twenties and early thrities that see that number and think they are “Fat” when they are not, that diet when they don’t need to, what about them?


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