Divorce & Alimony – Really???

The amount of money some women get in their divorce settlements is outrageous. Some times they deserve it, sometimes they don’t.

Example 1 – deserves it

Boy & girl get married, girl works to put boy thru medical/law school, boy gets degree, makes lots of money, dumps wife for bimbo – She deserves some money. If she would have invested her money in stocks, and bonds she would be entitled to some dividends.

Example 2 – Doesn’t deserve it

Bimbo marries boy from example 1, is married 3 years wants a divorce, she is entitled to only to what was earned while they were together. Also is bimbo is say 21 and gets divorced at 24 how can she say she has been “accustomed” to a certain standard of living? She had 21 years of living regular and 3 years of leisure, I would say the first 21 years outweighs the last 3. She doesn’t need thousands of dollars a month, GET A JOB like the rest of us.

Bimbos like this make it hard for the average women to get what she deserves during a divorce.

Another Example – Ivana deserved half of what Trump had, Marla did not.

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