1 in 1000 Male Walking Stick

Sooo, I am minding my own business when this large weird thing flies by me. I am like “WTF” because it lands on my screen and I get close and it is a freaking Walking Stick Insect.

It is soo cool, and large. So I go on line to learn about them and I find out that only 1 in 1000 are males and in most species only the male can fly. So Just my luck, instead of winning the lottery I get a male walking stick 🙂


He was pretty large, not sure if you can tell by picture but at least 6inches or so. He was as big as my hand.

So that was a week or so, the other day I found a BABY walking stick on my zucchini leaf, I left it alone because it is cool! I really don’t mind the insects if they don’t eat my veggies, or kill them. I am also not a sadist so the thought of getting wasps or something that lays eggs in the catipillars and eats them from the inside out is not appealing either…ewwwww. Plus who wants wasps and hornets???

So I pick off the catepillars and lob them up in the ivy, after that they are on their own. I really hate those damn tomato worms because they eat EVERYTHING and super quick. I found a small one and lobbed him in the ivy.

I use a mix of dishwasher soap and Listerine and spray it in the am on my plants to get the bad insects and avoid the good insects.

I still wish I could have had the 1 in 1000 lottery ticket 😦


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