Working is expensive

It costs money to work, lets see I would have to make $1438 after taxes in order to cover what I am saving. And since I am not going to work for nothing, I would need lets say at least 2400 a month, hmmm, lots of those jobs out there right??

What happens if we find some of us can and choose to not go to work? that means there are less people looking for jobs, that means there is less workers per job, that means better wages and conditions for those who have to or choose to work.

I thought I would go crazy after a few months of not working, hah! I am almost busier now. No soaps and bon bons for me. I started a online class to teach English (groupon deal 150 hr class and I have certs), I am catching up on all the doctors visits I put off 😦 I take care of the house and myself for once.

I eat a lot better and for less. I can go grocery shopping use my deals and cook my own food. No artificial colors, preservatives. I feel the best I have in years. We tend to go for the restaurants because we are time poor and money rich (just a saying folks) but the reality is home cooked meals are better and cost less and if you can get your kids involved can bring a family closer together and increase their health.

Works takes its toll on your time, your health, your family. If you can keep a roof over your head, food on your table, and your family happy that is what counts the most.

When you are happy, your family is happy because you aren’t all grumpy and cranky 🙂


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