Ew Ew EWWWW .. Icky Bugs ….

EWWW… those darn big tomato worms are Fugly, but what is up with all the flies??? and what about the little green catipillars things, and why are there all these cocooning but uglier things on the bottom of my Zuchini leaves!

I keep throwing the uglies in the ivy, but sometimes I just cut off the leaf they are on because I so don’t want to get close to them. But I don’t want to cut all my leaves off either.

And seriously anyone know why Flies are attracted to my stuff? Makes no sense….there are spiders in the plants, I just leave them there, hope they get the other stuff for me. I an not going to resort to pesticides, so it is spiders and my homemade soap and Listerine for now.

I may need to go buy a Praying mantis or 2, I used to see them around but I haven’t for a while.

If I could convince my husband to let me have some chickens they would eat the bugs, but NOOOO, I am chicken and goatless.


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