I am not sure about the hubster sometimes….

The other day I was organizing the cupboard and I noticed some items that had been in there a while and were most likely not going to be eaten by anyone in the house but me:

Rice a Roni in a cup Chicken and 4 Cheese flavor
Can of Clams
Can of Mushroom soup

s0000, I put them all together to make a poor man’s paella 🙂

My husband comes home and says “what stinks?” it didn’t stink, so I finish cooking and ask him what he wants for dinner and he says “it stinks so bad in here so bad I can’t eat, I am not hungry”. Then he tells me not only to wash the pan I cooked in by hand but also put it in the dishwasher before cooking anything for him in it. And then he wonders while I am not inclined to cook him dinner???

PS it is very good, I had it for lunch today, wonder if he will bitch about any smell today!


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