Get back to basics and get rid of Corporate Control

Ever wonder why some companies are so big and do what they want? Because we let them become that way. We continue to buy there products and believe their hype. We buy there stocks and bonds. Now the only way to get things changed is to go for the pocketbook. So if you don’t like something you are going to have to stop buying that companies product and stock.

Example pesticides, bugacides, weed killers, ect. Do we really need them? These companies want to sell you product and make money, but the reality is does it matter if you have a few dandylions in your yard? I have some, I also have butterflies and bees, because they like the dandylions. When is the last time someone with a pristine green lawn has seen a butterfly or bee??

Is a golf course like lawn really more important that our future?? What do I mean our future? Well since the weed killers and pesticides you use run off into the gutter then into the ocean, which by the way is stupid when you think of it, why don’t we clean the water before we allow it in the ocean?? That is future post 🙂

The stuff is killing our oceans, our bees and butterflies, which in turn is killing our ability to grow food in the future. They say if the bee issue doesn’t get resolved, in 7 years our stores will look a lot different, missing a bunch of food that the bees pollinate for us.

We know there has been an issue for a while, so if we want to head off a possible castrophy and insure food for our future, I suggest stop worrying about the look of the lawn and instead encourage bees and butterflies to come by and stay a while. Stop using pesticides, I just check my plants and pick off the nasties and throw them in the ivy, but you can do what you want with them. Start your own garden, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

Can you grow everything you need? Probably not, but there maybe someone down the street growing other items, say HI and trade your fruits and veggies, start a co-op. I know for a fact in my area I see Lemon, Lime, Orange trees, I saw a sign for Figs and avocados, I grow Zucchini, tomatoe, Green beans, Cucumbers, and this is all in a few blocks radius, in our backyards. We have the bounty, we just need to figure out how to use what God gave us.

TV and commercials have influenced many people into thinking things should be a certain way or look at certain way, but TV and commericials aren’t reality people.

If you don’t want GMO foods, stop buying Monsanto seeds, fertilizer, food, and especially STOCK, remember the only real way to get your point across is to hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. So stop buying any thing for any company that does genetically modified foods

There are natural ways to discourage these pests that cost less money, and don’t destroy nature. They may cost you a little time but in the end isn’t a little time now with a bunch of time in the future?? There are ways to make compost and good fertilizer. In fact if we all compost what we can of our trash we would be sending less to landfills another win/win for nature.

Before you buy that next “fast & easy fix” could you do it another, natural way? What do you lose by going natural? Give it a try, I think you will be surprised. You have nothing to lose and nature and the future gains.

I hope that we can be like that commercial, I tell two friends, you tell two friends and so on….and in the end there are some many of us we can make a change for the better.


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