sometimes I really do think outside the box

you can see by my posts I am all over the place, this isn’t the blog that specializes in any one thing, or probably anything, I have ADD and I think it shows. I could probably get meds for it, but I think my ability to do many things at once is an asset, as long as I finish them 🙂

That is the rub, finishing the project, which I am pretty good at, I also have dyslexia, I had special classes to help me with my reading and writing, still tend to mix print and handwriting and every once in a while I have to pause to figure out which way the loop goes on some letters.

The biggest issue I find, is actually in my blogs, I will sit down with one idea and half way though I am on a different but related track, so if you find it confusing sometimes to follow my train of thought, it is Me not You, and that isn’t just a line I am handing you 🙂

Because this blog was actually supposed to be about how I amazed myself in the kitchen again 🙂 I have to avoid carbs so I found a can of soup Chicken & Herb Dumplings, that on the face looks good, only 100 calories and 12 carbs, but wait…look closer, there are 2 servings in it (really two servings? for who children and pixes??), since I am neither, 1/2 a can isn’t going to cut it.

However I found a can of chop suey noodles, 15 calories and 2 carbs per serving, of course AGAIN it has 3.5 servings. Is the mayor of Munchin Ville doing the labels or what? Still at 53 cal and 7 carbs, not bad.

so I split the 2 cans and made 2 servings with 125 cal and 19 carbs each. woo hoo, I can have my soup and eat it Too!


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