Getting more for less – every one likes that

my friend used to say I was the “least likely to pay retail” and she was right. I have always looked for the best deals. I was a “hobby” in the past but it makes a big difference know that I am unemployed.

I try and post and link all the savings sites I find for others to use. I am not sure about those friends of mine that don’t take advantage 😦

I was shopping at Big Lots (aka Pic N Sav) before it was “cool” & joined the Buzz club, if you shop there I hope you have joined. After 10 visits where you spend 20 or more you get 20% your next WHOLE order. I always go big when I get my coupon and stock up.

I was using the first internet points websites when they first came out, I can’t count how many FREE GC for Gas, Food, Gifts I have gotten over the years.

I have always shopped at Target and signed up for the RED Card DEBIT not credit card. If you haven’t what are you waiting for??? 5% off your entire shopping bill, HELLO!! Plus they take both Target and Manufacture coupons. No brainer people.

The Entertainment Book is a great value, it allows you to try new places for less money to see if you want to go back or not, plus all the other discounts for groceries and movies and such. don’t leave home without checking for your deal!

As I find them I will list them. I like to share the savings 🙂

Ebates….I use this one for cash back or Mypoints for points depending on which gives me the best deal 🙂


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