Sometimes I even amaze myself :)

So I open the fridge, I have klamata olives and cheese, mostly olives, so I find a jar of mushrooms in the pantry and and half to the olives and cheese and mix them up so they get the seasoning on them to.

Next day I try out my new pasta maker, HA, it works, I can do it, I used half soy and half whole wheat flour to reduce the carbs. So know I have pasta but what to do next?

I take out the klamata olives, cheese and mushroom mix and take out a left over piece of chicken and chop them up in the blender and then I stuff it into homemade pasta and I know have Ravioli stuffed with chicken seasoned with the olives and mushrooms.

And since I made the pasta, no fake ingredients, the olives and cheese are all natural, and I open a can of basil and garlic flavored tomato sauce for the sauce.

that is the way it is done! Healthy, flavorful, very little to no artificial crap, and low carb, booyah!


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