Osteopenia another reason to go Au Naturale and enjoy a Cuppa Tea

I drink a lot of tea. It is better for you then diet soda. In case you missed my past posts, I went in for a Dexa scan (bone density) about 5 years ago and I had osteopenia, the step before osteoporosis.

I was told then that studies have shown the diet sodas leech calcium from women’s bones, I also stopped taking my previcid because it blocked calcium absorption. I had the choice to either fell sick in the am or take a chance on a broken hip in the future. I think I will deal in the am for now.

When I went back for another scan 2 years later, between reducing my diet soda intake and not taking the previcid and increasing my dairy somewhat, I not only halted the osteopenia but improved my bone density.

I went back this year and saw another increase in my bone density, so ladies, stay away from the diet soda as much as possible.

I like my tea fruit flavored, so I used to go to Teavana, but since I am not working and they are now owned by Starbucks I have found that the Celestial Tea Fruit Tea Sampler Pack has been great. I always take one Ice Tea pack and 1 of the fruit packs and brew it together. Another thing is I got the Low Cal Lemonade drinks one can works for about 6 cups of tea.

I try to avoid adding sugar or sugar substitutes cause you all know how I feel about artificial ingredients. I am hoping to figure out how to make butter soon, but I need cream from grass fed cows, harder then you think to come buy.


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