Take back your time..

It seems that all these convience items, make it so you have more time, but they take a toll on your pocketbook and your health with all the artificial stuff in them.

So take a minute and think, what are you doing with “all that time” they are saving you, really. Are you spending quality time with your family or are you running around dropping off and picking up your kids from other places?

Want some quality time with your family? Then s l o w down and do something together. I totally agree that a sport or hobby is a great thing for a child. However, I only think ONE sport or hobby at a time is good. Between that one sport or hobby and school, they don’t have time for much more.

So, instead of rushing them from school to daycare to sport, to homework and bed, cut out some room, for dinner.
After school and daycare, let them rest, you rest when you come home from work, they need a break too. If they are hungry involve them in making snacks between school and homework. Some quality time picking out what they want to eat.

If you can make dinner a family event, I just got a pasta maker, you can add veggies : spinach, carrots, squash; in the pasta so they eat it and never know, (they will just think it is cool to have a bunch of colors). Make ravioli and let them pick out what they want to put in the middle of it, so they look forward to eating it.

Doing this saves money, is healthy, and creates a great family dynamic and encourages kids to eat well.

If you aren’t really getting anything out of the “time you save” shouldn’t you spend it wisely a different way?

No ones tombstone ever said “I wish I had worked more”, take a deep breath, slow down, try and make regular chores into enjoyable memorable tasks with your family. Make some memories, those are the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.


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