People can be sooo Rude!

I have done a holiday boutique for over 10 years, it started when my son was in Elementary School, he is in college now 🙂

Basically you sell items for under $7.00 so the kids (k – thru 6th) can do their shopping. Then on the last day you can bring in items at any price. You pay $30 for a table, and give them 10% of what you sell. They send you a check a week or 2 after it closes.

So today I go to check my table OMG, someone has not only taken one of my racks down (big racks 12×12) and put under their table, they have but their items and Racks and baskets on my table.

WTF people, this isn’t a huge money maker. I do this as a hobby, so I can keep busy while my husband is watching sports, and if for some reason Profession sports aren’t on, he watches the college and just in case no pro or college he watches the news about the sports…aaauuuuugghhhh…..I wish I was just a football widow!

I am happy if I breakeven or make a little bit of extra cash for the holidays. So it is extremely pathetic when people pull stupid stunts like that!

I moved all their stuff back to their tables and put my rack and items back up. They better watch it cause next time I just may Biatch Slap them.


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